Bump Your Bass With a 10-Inch Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosures

If you toss your speakers or subwoofers inside your trunk, the vibrations can drown out your music. A speaker or subwoofer enclosure captures those vibrations to give you the ultimate music-listening experience. Here's some basic information to help you choose the right 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosure for your trunk as you search through your options enclosures on eBay.

What different types of 10-inch subwoofer enclosures are available?

There are several different types of enclosures to produce the precise sound you desire, including:

  • Sealed: A sealed box gives you a clean, precise sound. Their compact design makes them better for fitting in tighter spaces or not taking up as much space in your trunk. The sealed 10-inch speaker subwoofer enclosures do require more power to play at a higher volume than compared to other styles.
  • Ported: A ported 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosure gives you more of that boom sound that works great with hip-hop and rap music. They are louder than the standard sealed variety, requiring less power. This style is harder to tune, though, and requires a subsonic filter on the amp for a clean, clear sound.
  • Bandpass: The bandpass 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosures are louder at specifically tuned ranges of frequencies than the other models. Also, their boxes are often quite large, taking up more space than other types of enclosures.
  • Free air: The free air system option 10-inch speaker subwoofer enclosures is styled like a board that attaches to the rear seat in the back of your trunk. With the trunk of your car acting as the box or enclosure, these systems are simpler to install than the other styles, but typically have a much lower power capacity.
How do you calculate the airspace in your speaker enclosure?

When talking about the airspace capacity of a 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosure, it is referring to the internal volume of the box. The easiest way to calculate this measurement is to multiply the height, width, and length measurements in inches and then divide them by 1,728. For your speakers to work efficiently, you want the right-sized enclosure to place them. You will need to know the recommended airspace capacity when choosing the right 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosure.

What is a vented 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosure?

A vented 10-inch speaker and subwoofer enclosure is another style of a port used in the ported enclosures. Vented or ported enclosures are usually double the size of a similar sealed enclosure because of the maximum available airspace inside. Both terms are interchangeable by some manufacturers though the port on ported styles is rounded and on the vented models the port is taller and narrower.