Picking the Right 12-inch Car Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosures

When you’re designing an audio system for your vehicle, the subwoofer enclosure is a key component. A 12-inch subwoofer box creates a safe spot to install your subs. By picking the right enclosure for your vehicle and your subwoofers, you can achieve the highest possible sound quality.

Available design features on a 12-inch sub box

Some of the features you can get on an affordable subwoofer enclosure are:

  • Vents: Vents in a subwoofer enclosure allow air to flow in and out. This isn’t for cooling purposes; it simply matches the sound waves at the front and rear of the speaker, which means that your speakers can play louder without using more power.
  • Sealing: Sealed subwoofer enclosures don’t have vents; they prevent air from flowing. As a result, you can get top audio quality in a smaller package.
  • Covering: Some sub enclosures come with a carpeted exterior. This covering helps the enclosure blend into your car’s interior; it also helps prevent the enclosure from vibrating as you drive.
Things to consider when choosing a 12-inch subwoofer box

As you look at new and used 12-inch subwoofer box options on eBay, consider these factors:

  • Number of ports: Decide how many ports you need for your speaker system. It’s possible to buy a single-port enclosure for a small system, though a dual 12-inch subwoofer box is a more common option. If you’re building a more comprehensive system, or if your vehicle is large, you can buy enclosures with multiple ports. Usually, subwoofer enclosures max out at four ports.
  • Fitment location: Some sub boxes are designed to fit into specific places in your vehicle. Some fitment options include the trunk, the cab, or under the seat. You can also buy universal enclosures that enable flexible installation for your 12-inch subs.
  • Vehicle type: In some cases, subwoofer enclosures are built to fit the contours of a specific vehicle make or model. This is particularly true of under-seat enclosures, which must fit into a tight space.
What brands make 12-inch subwoofer boxes?

Some of the brands that make enclosures for 12-inch subs are:

  • Ground-Shaker: This California-based company specializes in speaker boxes for vehicles. Most of their enclosures are engineered to fit a specific vehicle make and model.
  • QPower: This brand makes sound system components for passenger vehicles as well as ATVs and UTVs. Most of their enclosures are carpeted.
  • ZEnclosures: ZEnclosures specializes in subwoofer enclosures for autos; it sells both model-specific and universal-fit boxes.