Improve Your Car's Stereo System With Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosures

High-quality 12-inch car speakers need an enclosure to ensure they don't get damaged. These speakers and their box come in many different styles and sizes and include many types of sound system components. They include both tweeter and subwoofer car speakers and can be installed in many types of cars.

What fitting options are available for these enclosures?

When buying car speakers and their box enclosures, it is essential to understand where they can fit in your vehicle. The components and their fittings will vary depending on the design and style of the vehicle and the sound that you are trying to achieve. Just a few options that you can consider for your car speakers include:

  • Trunk Fitting: This option lets you place your subwoofer and tweeter enclosures in the trunk of your car. In this way, your speakers are out of the way but can still produce high-quality audio.
  • In-Car Fitting: Many car enclosures are designed to replace your original speakers and to upgrade your initial sound system. They will be inserted directly into the doors of your vehicle.
  • Backseat Designs: Some subwoofers and component speakers can be installed along the backseat of your vehicle and provide an increased bass presence.
  • Under the Seat Options: Some users may prefer installing their audio speakers and enclosures under their seat. This fitting allows your tweeters and your subwoofers to create a high-quality audio range.
  • Truck Bed Installation: Adding these car speakers to your truck bed increases the volume of your system exponentially and can improve overall sound. These box enclosures typically have a cover that goes over them to protect them from the weather.
Which design options are available for these boxes?

When buying a box for your speakers, there are a few different design options to consider. For example, the most basic design is a rectangular box. This enclosure holds the three speakers of the unit and creates a simple shape that is easy to install in a variety of different vehicles.

However, there are also box designs that include slightly different shapes. These include audio systems that bend backward slightly. This creates a slight “U” shape that makes the box easier to fit in a trunk or underneath your car seat.

What kind of wiring is necessary for these subwoofers?

Wiring these units up to your vehicle is relatively simple. Check to see if the enclosure has pre-installed terminal cups. If so, make sure that the terminal cups accept the wiring that your speakers have.