Finding a Phone for You

These days, a mobile phone is essential for everyday use. Work and personal interactions in the modern world require a wireless phone. Smartphones like Android phones are largely the most popular types of phones. However, what phone will suit your needs depends on what your needs are.

What Kind of Phone am I Looking For?

There are two types of cell phones available, smartphones and flip phones. While smartphones with touchscreens and millions of apps to choose from are the most popular, there are some advantages to using a flip phone.

  • Smartphone: These phones are popular because they are like miniature computers in your pocket. Like computers, they use operating systems to run. A popular version is the Android operating system. These come with a lot more computing power than a flip phone, and can handle games, email, music and other various programs with the use of downloadable applications. However, they can be pricey and can have issues with privacy and security.
  • Flip phones: Although these went out of style with the emergence of smartphones, flip phones can be great for those who can leave the computer at home. Companies like Samsung, LG and Kyocera still sell fliFlip phones are often cheaper than smartphones and have a battery life of up to a week. They also lack fragile screens and the means to store or share personal information. These may be good if you just want to call and text people.

What Features Should I Look for?

When choosing a new phone, there are lots of features and services to consider. Factoring these options into your purchase can help you find a cellular device better suited to your needs.

  • Carrier: Carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint all offer Android phones, as do many smaller, regional ones. Which carrier you choose should depend on their coverage area, cost, and service plan. You can also choose to buy an unlocked or jailbroken phone. An unlocked smartphone will not be tied to any particular carrier and so you can choose one that works for you at that moment.
  • High-speed Network Service: You should see whether the phone you are looking at supports speedy networks such as 4G LTE. It may be important to make sure your phone supports 4G service.
  • Storage: How many apps, songs, videos, pictures and other media you can store onto your phone depends on the amount of storage you have purchased. Generally, small storage starts at 8 GB and most devices like the Samsung Galaxy or the LG V30 have storage space as large as 128 GB.
  • Manufacturer: One of the benefits of choosing an Android phone is that you can choose from a lot of different manufacturers. Motorola, Samsung and LG phones will all operate a little differently than each other. Motorola, for example, has a MotoBlur interface that collects data from different social networks to deliver to you in a continually-updated feed.

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