Enjoy the Benefits of a Mobile Hotspot Device for Internet Connectivity

There are many options for connecting to the internet. 3G Wi-Fi devices and data plans offered by wireless carriers provide convenient access when traditional broadband high-speed internet services are unavailable. They can also come in handy when traveling on a long road trip.

What is a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot allows you to connect to and access the internet through a wireless phone and data carrier. You can connect a Wi-Fi-enabled device to a 3G network from any location. Some people use their smartphones to connect laptops and other devices. Another option is to use a dedicated 3G Wi-Fi modem.

What's the benefit of a 3G modem for hotspot service?

Many smartphones can be used as a Wi-Fi modem, allowing you to share your phone’s data plan through a USB tether connection or using Wi-Fi. Consistent use requires a great amount of battery power and reduces the amount of data available on your phone, especially if you have a limited plan. Often, it is difficult to use the phone for talk and text while tethered to phone data. Some carriers require you to subscribe to a hotspot and tethering plan. With a dedicated 3G modem, you don’t have to use your phone data. Using a 3G modem supports connectivity for more devices than a mobile phone would.

Who can benefit from using a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot?

Frequent travelers, whether for business or pleasure, and anyone who manages or is part of a mobile workforce would benefit from using a portable 3G modem. When traveling, a 3G Wi-Fi modem can provide a seamless and consistent internet connection. It saves time compared to searching for and logging into public networks. You’ll also have more privacy and security with a dedicated 3G device than using public networks. If work requires you to use the internet where connectivity is limited, a 3G Wi-Fi router lets you maintain a stable data connection. It also allows you to keep your work-related transmissions safer than sending secured company or client data on open networks.

What are options for 3G Wi-Fi Modem data plans?

There are three ways to access data through your 3G Wi-Fi modem: unlimited data plan, no-contract plan, or pre-paid plan.

  • Unlimited plans: A monthly plan works like your smartphone plan, except it does not include talk and text service. You’ll subscribe to a data-only plan with a mobile service provider, and your 3G Wi-Fi modem will work while you have service. The primary advantage of using a monthly contract plan is that many wireless carriers offer unlimited hotspot data with contract plans.
  • No-contract plans: Some wireless carriers offer no-contract plans that allow more flexibility in using and managing your 3G modem. A no-contract plan allows you to save money.
  • Prepaid plans: A prepaid plan allows you to purchase and top up your mobile data as often as you need to. There is no monthly bill to pay. Once you use all of your data, you’ll need to purchase more in order to maintain your internet connectivity.