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How to Choose the Best Aluminum Patio Garden Lounge Furniture

Have you been thinking of adding seating to your outdoor patio garden? While most people opt for outdoor furniture sets made from plastic or wood, options made from cast aluminum are definitely worth a closer look.

Why should I consider Aluminum for my patio furniture?

  • Durability - Cast aluminum is essentially a solid piece of metal. This means that the chairs and coffee table will not bend or warp. While cast aluminum is more onerous than other options such as plastic, it is highly resilient to all weather. You will rarely notice any wear and tear from your aluminum patio furniture even after years of extensive use.
  • Quality design - Cast aluminum patio furniture is constructed using a careful process that involves pouring hot molten aluminum into a specific design mold. This technique allows for intricate and versatile detailing with fewer chances for mistakes. This type of dining furniture is then equipped with a powder-coated finish that is corrosion and scratch resistant.
  • Great comfort - Your patio furniture can be used with or without cushions. For a simple and elegant look, let your aluminum furniture shine without cushions - this is perfect for a bright and colorful backyard full of flowers. To add a pop of color to your otherwise dull outside area, incorporate colorful water-resistant cushions. Cushions will give you a significant advantage of enabling you to switch up the whole look of your outdoor patio without buying new furniture. Plus, it will also increase your furnitures comfort.

What are other aluminum furniture benefits?

  • Color variation - We all want to have choices. Aluminum patio furniture can be painted or powder coated to suit your specific decor style. This material is highly receptive to paint and different textures. Depending on your outdoor styling and brightness, you can opt to paint your seating set with dull and neutral colors or add a splash of bright paint to liven your backyard.
  • Rustproof - Unlike steel or iron, cast aluminum does not corrode. This means that your dining chairs will be highly durable as they will not break down due to rusted joints nor will you experience any tarnish stains on your patio/outdoor space. This type of material is ideal for anyone living in a humid climate as the humid open air will cause no damage to your patio furniture collection.
  • Weather resistant - Your chairs and coffee tables structure will not be broken down by earths elements. Cast aluminum holds up well in all weather conditions.

How should I care for outdoor aluminum furniture?

Due to its inability to rust, cast aluminum patio furniture does not require a lot of maintenance or cleaning. All you need to clean your dining chairs and table is:

  • A bucket of water/ or a hose
  • A rag
  • Mild soap solution

However, you should touch up any scratches you see in the powder coating as soon as possible.