Автомобильный динамик и корпус сабвуфера 6 x 9 дюймов

A Quick Guide to the 6x9 Speaker Box

The right speaker box can completely change the quality of your music-listening experience. Whether you are looking for a brand-new or a used 6x9 speaker box, eBay has a huge inventory to choose from at affordable prices. Here is some basic information to help you choose the right speaker box to fit your needs.

Does the 6x9 speaker box come in different designs?

There are several different shapes of 6x9 speaker boxes that are designed to fit the interior space available in your specific vehicle, including truck cabs and small trunks, without having to go through the hassle of getting them custom made. These shape designs include:

  • Standard boxes
  • Slanted boxes
  • Curved boxes
  • Universal boxes
What various 6x9 speaker box styles are available?

There are several styles of 6x9 speaker boxes to choose from on eBay. First, there are different design options, such as single-, double-, triple-, and quadruple-hole enclosures to accommodate the number of speakers you would like to place. Some of the speaker box styles come in various colors of carpet-textured exteriors to match the interior carpeting of your vehicle. There are also speaker boxes that are made with hard plastic or vinyl, and you can find coated or felt exteriors as well. You can also choose between sealed or ported types of 6x9 speaker boxes.

What is the difference between sealed and ported speaker boxes?

Whether your 6x9 speaker boxes are sealed or ported gives you a different musical sound quality from the other. If you want to hear more of a bass sound and not have it thundering through the entire frame of your car, a sealed speaker box is the one for you. With a sealed box, the air inside of the box is tightly sealed and acts similarly to a shock absorbent for the sound waves of your speakers. Sealed speaker boxes provide a crisp, clear bass sound without being obnoxious. These boxes are also smaller in size than the ported version, so they take up less interior space. They do require more power than the ported boxes, though.

If you want that loud, thundering bass sound, then a ported speaker box is what you should look for. A ported speaker box allows airflow through the port in the box to create a louder bass sound without adding any other hardware to your sound system. With a ported speaker box, you can use a smaller amp than you would need with the sealed version because they require less power to create that deep bass thump. The ported speaker boxes are larger than the sealed variety, though, so they do take up more interior space.