8-inch Car Speaker and Subwoofer Enclosures

If you're adding speakers or subwoofers to the body of your car, an enclosure will hold them in place. These enclosures also help to deliver a full spectrum of sound from your car audio speaker boxes to the rest of the cab. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of subwoofer enclosures available to you so that you can make the choice that suits your preferences.

What types of subwoofer enclosures are there?

There are a variety of subwoofer boxes that may meet your needs. Most 8-inch subwoofer enclosures are divided according to certain characteristics. You have the option to use these characteristics as a starting point when choosing a speaker box.

  • Subwoofer boxes have different numbers of ports. The ideal number for you will depend on how many speaker boxes you'd like to install in your vehicle.
  • Single-port subwoofer enclosures will hold one speaker.
  • Double enclosures are able to hold two speakers in a side-by-side configuration.
  • Triple enclosures can house up to three car audio units.
  • A quad subwoofer enclosure will hold four speaker boxes in one unit.
What is the difference between vented and sealed subwoofer enclosures?

Aside from the number of ports in each box, you can further categorize subwoofer enclosures based on whether they are vented or sealed. Understanding the differences between these two types can help you make the choice that suits your car audio tastes.

  • A sealed subwoofer box is usually smaller in size than its ported counterpart. The sealed nature of these boxes means the bass from your speaker system is more controlled and focused but with less boom and volume.
  • A subwoofer box that has vented ports will be larger and produce more of a boom throughout your cab. They also require fewer amps to make the sound.
Where can you fit an 8-inch subwoofer box?

Some boxes are universal and can be installed in most places your car will accept a speaker box. Other models are made specifically for certain areas. If you already have a spot picked out, one of these options may work well for you.

  • One type of subwoofer box is designed to fit into the cab of your car or truck.
  • You can also place a subwoofer box in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Others are designed to go under the seating area.
  • Which type you choose depends on the space of your vehicle and how you want to distribute your electronic equipment.