What You Should Know about Flip Phones for AT&T

When you need a phone that resists impacts but still offers all of the features that smartphones do, a flip phone can still allow you to make and receive calls while also having access to apps and the internet. There are a variety of different flip phone models that work with AT&T, some of which may have features that may make your day a bit easier.

What features do AT&T flip cell phones and smartphones have?

These are phones that fold closed so that the numeric keypad and the main screen are protected inside. Depending on the model, the outer lid of the phone may have a secondary screen that shows the time and date, which can be monochromatic or full color. In addition to the numeric keypad, these phones often have a directional pad that lets you navigate the menu.

What features do flip phones often have?
  • Camera: Flip-style phones usually have at least one camera that you can use to take pictures and record video. The number of megapixels refers to how detailed the photos will be. The higher number of megapixels, the more detail you will be able to see.
  • Apps: Depending on the system that the phone has, you may be able to download additional software. This software can include games that can be played while you are stuck in a line.
  • PTT: Some AT&T mobile phones have a Push-to-Talk function that lets the phone act like a two-way radio.
What should you consider when looking for a phone?

Some things you may want to consider include

  • Size: When considering size, look at the screen size, the size of the D-pad, and the size of the buttons on the numeric keypad, especially if you plan on using the device to text. Larger phones tend to have larger buttons though smaller phones may be easier to carry in your pocket.
  • Hardware: Flip cell phones are particularly durable if they are accidentally dropped. Even so, you may want to consider the hardware on potential phones, especially when it comes to the hinge.
  • Connectivity: This refers to the network the phones are designed to work on. 3G allows for calls and texting though 4G and 4G LTE networks tend to be faster. You may also want to double check that the phone has wireless capabilities if this is something you need.
  • Internal memory capacity: The amount of memory the phone has determines how many photos, app downloads, and call or text histories the mobile phone can hold.
  • Battery: The larger the battery size, the longer the mobile phone may be able to hold a charge.
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