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Alcatel USB Modem Mobile Broadband Devices

How to Select the Right USB Modem Mobile Broadband Device

Its becoming increasingly important to have access to high-speed Internet access wherever you go - especially on your laptops. Mobile broadband connection, especially USB modems, have become a necessary commodity for Internet while on the move.

Using a USB modem is a great way to connect all your devices to the Internet. Some laptops and mobile phones models offer the option where you can get 3G or 4G LTE Internet built-in or in the form of a data card.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a modem, as not every modem will be compatible with your computer.

What should I expect from my USB drive device?

  • Speed - Modems come with varying speeds, most common are 3G and 4G connections. Features like data transfer speeds and integrated security are critical in the device. You will want to make sure that the modem is compatible with your computers operating system. Modems such as Alcatel offer speeds of up to 100MBPS
  • Supports many SIM cards - A data card that can work with different SIM cards is ideal. An unlocked modem will offer more versatility than a locked one to use with the most reliable network in your area. A microSD slot comes in handy for extra storage when on the go.

What else should my USB Internet stick entail?

Wi-FI hotspot capability is a useful feature that enables you to connect to a USB power source. It lets the user connect more than one laptop to the portable hotspot that can be used when traveling and in remote areas.

What are different types of Internet connectivity devices?

  • Built-in 4G LTE and 3G hotspot - A lot of laptops and tablets come installed with a data chipset that allows for wireless connectivity. This type of connection can only be used on only one computer that its connected to. You will have to sign up for the service with the Internet provider to use this.
  • Laptop data stick - This is a USB dongle that connects to the laptop to provide Internet. If you dont have the built-in or want a portable unit that can be used on more than one laptop, the data stick is a great alternative. They are available for both 3G and 4G networks and can be used on many computers. Its a plug n play unit that gives you good internet speeds without requiring an external power source.
  • Cell phone tethering - Tethering allows data connectivity from a mobile phone to the laptop. It can be done using a data cable or via Bluetooth. You can connect up to five computers from one phone.

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