Android TracFone Smartphones

TracFone is a major cell phone service reseller that offers a wide range of phones on no-contract plans that piggyback on other carriers' networks. The company offers prepaid cell phones and plans where you pay for your minutes before you use them, which means you are able to control your bill by buying the service you need. You can buy minutes with an airtime card, or buy unlimited wireless usage with service days depending on how you want to use your smartphone.

What Android Phones Does TracFone Offer?

Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system in the world, with an app for almost every conceivable purpose available in Google Play. It has phones to support both GSM and CDMA networks as well as text messages and high speed LTE data. Popular TracFone Android prepaid smartphones include:

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro: Running on the Verizon network, this model features Android 6.0, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage and a 5.5-inch screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: With a 5.1-inch HD screen, this phone offers Android 5.0 and 32 GB of storage.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: With 8 processor cores, a 5.1-inch screen and 32 GB of storage this Android 6.0 smartphone is a beast.
  • LG Rebel 3: Moving away from Samsung, the Rebel 3 features Android 7.0.0, a 5-inch touchscreen, and 16 GB of storage built-in.

In addition to its own line up of prepaid smartphones, TracFone also lets you bring your own unlocked device to TracFone wireless, just in case you want one the company doesn't offer yet.

What Features Should You Look For?

There are several different features you should look for in a new phone. While all smartphones are similar, they are not the same and TracFone offers models with all the features you need for service both today and tomorrow.

  • 4G LTE: This high speed data mode lets you make full use of the smart in your smartphone on the TracFone network.
  • Internal Storage: The more you have, the more you can download and the more photos you can store.
  • SD Card: By increasing your storage, you can take more photos and even video without filling up your phone's storage.
  • Cameras: You can use a front-facing camera for selfies, and the rear one for serious photography.

Using a Smartphone on TracFone

With options like unlimited talk, you can take full advantage of almost any smartphone on your TracFone account. Buy a card when you need service, or set up auto-refill so you always have minutes on your smartphone plan. Add a car charger for long trips so you can talk all day. Your phone is your life, so why not use a plan that lets you take full advantage of it?

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