Antique Store Counters

Appreciate History With an Antique Store Counter

Those who are interested in crafting with refurbished materials will appreciate the rich history behind antique general store counters. An antique store counter can be the perfect accent to your home decor, or it can help to create a realistic look in a vintage design. You can find a variety of antique store counters on eBay for reasonable prices.

What styles of counters were used in historical shops?
  • Wood: Frequently made of dense woods like oak or walnut, these often have cabinets and shelving built into the back of the counter.
  • Glass-topped: Many older shops had counters with a glass top on them. This glass allowed shopkeepers to display items to customers.
  • Metal: Though less common than wood counters, you can occasionally find options made from metal.
Can you refinish a reclaimed counter?

Many people who are reclaiming countertops for daily use find that they prefer to refinish the counter. Stripping off any old coatings and placing a new sealant on the counter allows you to have a historical item that also fits your design scheme and can be used as a normal counter.

However, many people buy reclaimed counters specifically because they appreciate the antique appearance of the counter. Completely refinishing something like an oak countertop may remove the patina and finishes that give the item its charm. In these cases, you may want to look into restoring the counter or putting a protective coat on it instead of completely refinishing it.

How do you choose your ideal vintage counter?

Consider these factors to make your choice:

  • Use: Think about whether you are planning on using the item as an actual kitchen counter or simply as a decorative table or other type of accent furniture. For kitchen use, you need one made with food-safe materials.
  • Size: Altering the size of an antique countertop can be difficult and it may diminish the aesthetic appearance of the piece. Many buyers prefer to measure the space they need and then find a counter that fits that size.
  • Time frame: The time the counter is from will greatly affect the overall appearance. A laminate and metal diner countertop from the 1950s will look very different from a rough wooden slab used in a country general store.
  • Condition: Decide whether you want something that is in almost perfect condition or something that is a little more distressed.