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Simultaneously Charge and Sync Your Apple Tablets Using Cables

Apple has been supplying consumers with electronics and accessories for decades. The company uses special connectors on its iPad charging cords to send power to the battery. You can use eBay to narrow your search and to find the iPad cable that fits your portable device.

What types of iPad charging cables are there?

There are a few ways you can provide power to your iPad's battery. Some iPad cords use different design or form factors, and other cords will supply power using their own methods. You can browse through eBay's large selection of compatible iPad charger cords to find the model with the features you need. Some common types you can find on eBay are:

  • Standard: This is one of the most ubiquitous types of iPad cables you can find. It has an Apple lightning connector at one end for an iPad input socket. You may be able to plug it into the wall or another device.
  • Sync: If you want to do more than just charge your iPad, a sync cable might be what you need. It can sync data between two Apple devices.
  • Wall charger: Standard wall chargers come with an iPad power cord and a unit.
Which iPad models are compatible?

Apple strives to make iPad charging cords that are compatible with as many of its products as possible. If compatibility is a concern for you, eBay can categorize its selection of iPad charger cables based on which ones will work with the iPad of your choice. You can find working charger cords for several generations of the first iPad, the iPad 2, the iPad Air, the iPad Air 2, and various iPad Minis.

Can you get used iPad charging cords?

You can purchase brand new iPad cords in their original packaging, but eBay also offers a wide variety of pre-owned cables for sale. You may wish to buy several used cables in bulk to ensure that you have enough cords to power all your Apple devices. In most cases, used charging cables will work as intended and may feature only slight cosmetic differences than their newer counterparts.

How do you charge your iPad in your car?

If you want to take your iPad with you during your travels, you can purchase an iPad charger with a car adapter. This item is similar to a wall charger, but it includes a special design that allows it to use your car's power to charge the battery on your iPad.

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