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Baby Gyms and Play Mats

Your little one begins learning the moment that its born, and thats why its crucial to do what you can to further their growth and development. Some new parents struggle with what they can do to keep their child happy, occupied, and stimulated. Thats when a baby gym or a baby play mat comes in handy.

What benefits does a floor mat for a baby have?

A floor mat is something that all new parents should consider purchasing because its essentially a little gym that offers many physical and mental benefits for your child.

  • Keeps the baby occupied: A play mat will keep your baby occupied so that you can get other tasks done around the house.
  • Helps make the baby strong:: Many play mats feature keyboards on the mat so that your child can kick, hear music, and build strong muscles in his or her legs. There is no shortage of activity.
  • Starts tummy time:Its crucial that a baby starts tummy time right away. Unfortunately, many parents and kids struggle. This little activity gym keeps the baby happy, occupied, and willing to do tummy time.
  • Brain development: Playmats have music, lights, automated stories, and more. These little gyms help your kid to learn while they lay on the floor.
What different types of floor mats are available?

There is no shortage when it comes to play mats. They create mats that are geared towards boys and girls. Most feature a design that a baby will love. They have floor mats that contain things like animals, aquatic scenes, and alphabet letters. Mats also come in different shapes and styles.

  • Kick and play: This type of foam floor mat features toys, commonly a plastic piano, that your child can kick in order to trigger words or sounds. Think of it as a gym for your kid because its helping them grow strong.
  • Hanging toys: These foam play mats are made for the tiniest of hands. Your little one can reach up and grab little toys such as animals, shapes, and more. You can even remove the little toys from the floor and take them with you on the go.
  • Educational: An activity mat that features stories being read teaches your kids words at a very young age. Many playmats also feature puzzles that promote healthy brain development.
How does an activity gym work?

You just need to simply lay the play mat out on your floor or rug and lay your child down on it. Depending on the mat you choose, theres a different activity such as puzzles or tiles associated with it. Playmats are also designed for different ages. Some are covered and have higher sides, which are designed to keep newborns safe. Almost all of the mats are made of a foam material with colorful tiles. Foam is soft enough for your kid to lay on but sturdy enough to support them on the floor. Once youre done letting your kid play, simply roll up the mat and tuck it away.