Bathroom Soap Dispensers

The Benefits of Bathroom Shower Dispensers

As we seek more ways to streamline our shower and soap dispensing setup, bathroom dispensers supply multiple solutions for daily use. By mounting a dispenser on the bathroom wall, you enjoy bottle-less shampoo, hand soap, and even conditioner.

How Will Shower Dispensers Benefit My Bathroom?

Any new item that cuts down on waste, money, and space aids in streamlining our daily routine. Shower or bathroom pumps transform the way we dispense all the daily soap use.

  • Cut Down on Clutter: a soap dispenser with a wall-mount means no more cleaning up bottle clutter on the side of the tub and sink.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many brands supply large bottles of lotions, soap, and shampoos for refilling pump bottles, dispensers, and other reusable containers.
  • Saves Money: Refillable shower dispensers cut down on the need to buy new bottles of shampoo, shower gels, and conditioner, saving money in the long run.

What Are the Types of Shower Soap Dispensers?

Dispensers for showers and sinks range in style, material, and how the shampoo or soap is needed throughout the day. Consider your unique space before choosing a soap dispenser wall fixture for your home.

  • Size: For both small shower spaces or large bathrooms, soap dispensers range from the classic chamber shower dispenser to shower caddy dispensers. All have a range of modular design, both simple and stylish.
  • Material: Depending on budget and style, soap dispensers come in stainless steel, plastic, chrome, and glass. Choose a more durable material when refilling the chambers on a regular basis.
  • Pump: Dispensing the soap or shampoo itself depends on the structure of the shower dispenser. Some include a hand pump while others feature an adjustable dial. High-tech varieties include automatic, battery-powered dispensing.

Where Can I Install My Shower Dispenser?

Wall-mounted shower and soap dispensers work in businesses, home bathrooms, and right in the shower. Choosing where to place the dispenser depends on function and how it will balance with your decor.

  • In the Shower: Wall-mounted shower pumps can attach directly to the wall permanently or with removable suction cups. Some also hang over the shower head itself. Fill with shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel to cut down on shower bottle clutter.
  • In Your Business: For those that run hotels, restaurants, or other client-based offices, install these shampoo and soap dispensers in bathrooms for sleek and cost-effective methods for your company bathroom. Automatic soap dispensers also cut down on the spread of germs.
  • In the Kitchen: In such a busy part of the home, hands-free soap dispensing assists when cooking and cleaning. Fill with liquid soap and attach the soap dispenser beside the sink.