Saturn Ion Car and Truck Exterior Mouldings and Trim

There are many different styles of Saturn Ion trim and mouldings available, including pillar posts, window trim, fender borders, rocker panels, side moulding, bumper borders, trunk borders, and gas caps. Different materials serve to contrast against an Ion’s paint job to highlight certain features like the outline of the doors. Each type of moulding serves a unique purpose.

What types of pillar posts and window moulding exist?
  • Pillar posts sit in between glass on either side of the Ion. They are pieces of material, typically durable plastic or metal, that outline the insides of the glass. These can be chosen to match the exterior of the car or to contrast against it with a metallic finish.
  • Window moulding completes the outline around the glass on either side of the Saturn. These pieces can be chosen to match the pillar posts or utilized without pillar posts.
What are qualities of fender trim and rocker panels?
  • Fender borders highlight the area over the wheels of the Saturn Ion. Typically, fender borders are a contrasting color or metal. These curved pieces of moulding are installed at the bottom of the vehicle above the tires.
  • Rocker panels are installed at the bottom of the car along its sides. They are almost always chrome or another variety of metal. These chunky pieces of moulding show off the bottom of the vehicle and can be combined with other pieces of bordering to play off each other in order to highlight the vehicle’s accents.
What sorts of side moulding and bumper bordering are there?
  • Side moulding is installed midway down the Ion where the metal begins to curve downward. Side moulding comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be chosen in lots of different colors.
  • Bumper bordering is created to highlight the front bumper by surrounding it with contrasting material. Metal or shiny finishes are common among different varieties of bumper bordering.
What are some properties of trunk bordering and gas caps?
  • Trunk bordering serves a similar purpose to bumper bordering at the rear of the car; a panel frames the Ion’s trunk in a color or finish different from the trunk or tailgate itself.
  • Gas caps can be installed aftermarket. These caps can be different from factory models. Some come with borders around them while others are contrasting finishes. Some also use details like screws as embellishments.
How do you clean exterior moulding and trim?

Most exterior moulding and trim is cleaned thoroughly during automatic car washes. If you choose to wash your car’s trim and moulding separately, first mix warm water with soap in a solution and then apply it to the trim and moulding with a soft sponge and rinse the Ion with clean water when debris is gone. Finally, dry the moulding with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch it.