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Bruno Magli Dress Shoes for Men

Bruno Magli has long been in the business of men's fashion and providing lines of dress shoes. From the Raging loafer to Vasco boots, Bruno Magli has footwear in many styles and for many occasions. You can choose from a range of men’s options for shoes to complete your outfit.

What types of dress shoes does Bruno Magli design?

Bruno Magli offers a variety of dress shoes:

  • Loafers and slip-ons: These shoes can complement casual or dressier attire. The Raging loafer is one example of a Bruno Magli slip-on shoe.
  • Oxford and lace-ups: For a traditional, conservative look, Bruno Magli offers these classic shoes that are laced up the front. These shoes work for everyday wear, as well as for formal occasions.
  • Monk-strap: These are made for dressy occasions. The Bruno Magli monk-strap shoe features a large buckle on a strap that lies across the top of the foot.
  • Boots: Bruno Magli also offers ankle boots for men. These provide extra support and can be used for formal dress and for professional office apparel.
How do you find the right size of shoes?

Before purchasing Bruno Magli shoes, make sure you have accurate measurements of your feet. Do not assume your shoe size is the same as the last time you took your foot measurements, as adult feet can continue to grow.

  • To measure your feet for sizing, stand upright, place each foot on a sheet of paper, and trace its outline.
  • Measure your foot from the top of your longest toe to the bottom of your heel; this will determine your length.
  • Measure across the ball of your foot at the widest spot; this will determine the width of your shoes. Bruno Magli designs shoes to fit standard widths.
  • If one foot is slightly longer or wider than the other, look for the size that will fit the larger foot.
  • Use a shoe size chart to determine your size. Bruno Magli uses standard U.S. shoe sizes.
How do you clean Bruno Magli shoes?

Keep your shoes from Bruno Magli looking good by keeping them clean and caring for them regularly.

  • Remove dirt from your shoes with a cloth or a soft shoe brush. Check the soles of your shoes for damage, and repair them if necessary.
  • If your Bruno Magli shoes have shoelaces, remove them in order to keep them clean. Shoelaces can be washed in a washing machine on the gentle cycle.
  • Apply saddle soap or another leather cleaner to your Italian leather Bruno Magli shoes. Use a damp paper towel to massage the soap onto the shoes.
  • Wipe the soap off your shoes with a damp cloth.
  • Use a leather conditioner to protect and preserve your shoes from Bruno Magli.
  • Air-dry your Bruno Magli shoes, and then polish them with a soft cloth.
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