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Caterpillar Diecast and Toy Dozer

Diecast toy Caterpillar bulldozers are toys that engage a child's imagination. This miniature construction equipment is equipped with toy front blades for moving sand, rocks, and other debris. They are brightly colored and durable enough to go on all of your child's adventures.

What Caterpillar toy bulldozers are available?

There are many play bulldozers to choose from. You can find them in colors like yellow, green, orange, and red. They are also available in several scales, including 1:16, 1:48, 1:50, 1:64, and 1:87, so you can select the bulldozer size that's right for you.

How do you clean and care for diecast toys?
  • Removing dirt: Large clumps of dirt that can't be easily dislodged can gently be removed using tweezers or cotton swabs. Canned, compressed air can be used to get the grime out of tiny areas so long as care is taken around decals.
  • Cleaning up: Makeup sponge swabs and cotton swabs are great for cleaning diecast items that have tiny detailing. Plastic, bristled toothpicks can also work great in hard-to-reach areas on the items. Cleaning the items while they are dry is recommended. For hard-to-eliminate stains, use a damp swab after all of the loose dust and dirt has been cleared away.
  • Bathing: This step should only be taken if the amount of dirt and grime on the item is severe and won't come off using other means. If the item has fine detailing, upholstery, and decals, this step isn't recommended. In a sink or large bowl, use lukewarm water with a tablespoon of mild, clear soap. Submerge the item in the soapy water for 30 to 45 seconds. Take it out, go over all surfaces carefully with a swab, and then completely rinse.
  • Drying: Quickly dry off any decal areas to prevent damage from the exposure to water. Dry the item with a towel, and then use a low-heat setting on a hair dryer until the bulldozer is thoroughly dried. Compressed air can also be used for this drying step.
  • Shine it up: Shine up the item using an automotive vinyl or rubber conditioner. Apply the conditioner with a swab and go over all surfaces for best results.
How do you store diecast vehicles?

Diecast toy vehicles, while durable for hours of play, should be stored carefully to prevent them from getting scuffed, crushed, or otherwise damaged. You can keep them in storage cases where the cars are in individual compartments where they are unlikely to experience friction with other vehicles.

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