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Everything You Need to Know to Find the Right Pair of Chanel Sunglasses

Shielding your eyes against the sun's UV rays is an important step if you want to protect your eyesight. Chanel round sunglasses for women offer sunglasses of different shapes and strengths. Read on to find out how to find the right sunglasses for your face.

How to find the right shape

When you browse Chanel sunglasses on eBay, you'll notice that shades come in different shapes like the Chanel round sunglasses and the Chanel square sunglasses. This is to match the different shapes of our own faces. Our shapes include flat, oval, round, square, and long face. When selecting sunglasses, chooses a pair of shades that complements your face shape. Here is how you can use your face shape to find the right style of sunglasses.

  • An oval face shape allows you to wear any style of glasses.
  • A square face shape allows you to wear round-shaped glasses.
  • A round face matches well with a square or polygonal shape.
  • A long face works well with large lenses and a polygonal shape.
  • A flat face pairs well with dark lenses and frames.
How do you find the right style of sunglasses?

Common styles include the Chanel butterfly sunglasses, the Chanel sunglasses cat eye style, the Chanel pilot, the wayfarer, and the clubmaster. If you want a classic look, then you may want to choose wayfarer sunglasses. The clubmaster is a more retro style and has a browline. This style has round lenses. Consider your face shape and what you like. A well-selected pair of sunglasses elevates your look and shows off your personal style.

What do scratch-resistant lenses do?

If you are buying an expensive pair of sunglasses, then you are going to worry about them getting damaged. You can minimize the damage by getting scratch-resistant lenses. Lenses are made from a variety of materials, such as glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, and polyamide.

Acrylic is affordable, but not as durable. On the other hand, glass is heavy, but will spider when broken. NXT polyurethane is a good choice for scratch-resistant lenses. It has great optical clarity, it is impact-resistant, lightweight, and flexible.

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