Canvas Casual Loafers and Slip-ons for Men

Casual slip-on canvas loafers for men come in a wide variety of styles and colors to complement different types of outfits. Different types of canvas material are used in making these shoes, such as synthetic fiber and natural fiber materials. The soles of these canvas slip on shoes are also crafted from different materials for indoor and outdoor wear.

What is needed for loafers if you have wide feet?

Men's shoes are marked with letters to identify the width. Narrow shoes have a letter A, and the sizing letters go up for wider feet. The letter E following the number size of a shoe is the information you need to look for to determine if it is a wide shoe. Extra wide shoes may have more than one E following the number, such as EE shoes.

How do men know if they have wide feet?

To measure your foot when checking for width, put your bare foot on a sheet of paper and trace around it, then measure the widest part. For a size 8 shoe, a measurement of 3.9 inches or more is wide. Follow this through to 4 plus inches for a size 9 and 4.2 plus for a size 10. Then, the widths go up in 1 inch increments for each larger shoe.

What are some styles of canvas slip-ons for men?

Boat shoes are one style of slip-on shoe for men. This style of loafers is worn with casual slacks or shorts, and it has a flat sole and a low rise that falls just under the ankle bone. Athletic sneakers are another style of slip-ons. This style includes basketball shoes and sneakers that have either all-fabric uppers or feature a blend of leather and canvas.

What are some brands that make casual loafers?

When it comes to selecting loafers and other casual canvas shoes, there are not only numerous styles but many brands to select from as well.

  • Vans makes a wide variety of casual slip-ons inspired by skateboarding. These come in solid colors as well as patterns, including the brand's iconic black and white checkerboard pattern. Elastic on the sides makes it simple to slip them on.
  • Skechers creates slip-on loafers with a laid-back and casual feel, with a cushioned insole and colors like gray and beige.
  • Check out Sperry for boat shoes that go well with shorts and jeans for a beach-inspired look.
What is arch support?

Arch support is a feature that provides a firmer, rounded area in a shoe that slides under the arch of your feet. Review the product listing for information on arch support. Athletic footwear is the style most likely to have this kind of supportive padding.