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Car and Truck Interior Parts

If your car or truck needs to be freshened up on the inside, you can find almost any interior parts to fit. Replacements for original equipment are available if you need to repair damage or restore an older vehicle. Aftermarket parts and accessories can give your ride a custom look.

What seating options are available for cars and trucks?

If you want to replace the seats in your car or truck, the two basic options are the bench type and the bucket type. You may need to replace the mounting hardware at the same time if you are choosing a style that is different from the original.

  • Bench seats: These interior parts are usually for the back seat. They are available in vinyl or cloth upholstery in a variety of colors, and they may fold down.
  • Bucket seats: The racing style of bucket seat is a great choice for sporty cars and trucks. Bucket seats with fixed or reclining backs are available.
What parts are available for the dash area?

A stylish steering wheel is an eye-catching way to make your car or truck stand out. There are touring and rally designs and chrome wheels with spokes.

You can dress up the instrument panel of your car or truck with colors and lights. Colored bezels, Indiglo gauges, and gauges with white or stainless steel faces are all available.

If you have lost the knobs for interior parts like the radio or air conditioner, they are easy to replace. You can also find shift knobs that are classic black for a sophisticated look or brightly colored to attract a little more attention. Most pieces of the dash panel itself are available if you just need to replace a broken face plate.

What is available for the interior doors and floor area?

You can find the entire interior door panel if you need to replace a damaged door. Smaller components are also available. Door handles, mirror and window controls, and latches are all replaceable parts.

Floor mats take a beating in most cars and trucks. Both original and aftermarket floor mats are available in sizes and shapes to fit your vehicle. Floor liners for the backs of SUVs and the trunks of cars will all help keep the carpet stain-free and clean.

What convenience features are available for car and truck interiors?

Vehicle interiors have a lot of small convenience features that you may not think about until they break. Most of those accessories are replaceable. Dome lights, courtesy lights on doors, and the plastic covers for them keep the interior bright. Consoles and cup holders are also available to match the original interior.

What are interior trim kits?

Kits let you replace several parts with a matching set. For example, some kits contain covers for the levers on the steering column. You can switch out the tilt lever, turn signal, and column shifter and have them all match for an integrated look.

Dash kits are another option. They may let you put a new finish on the console, vents, steering wheel, and door panels, depending on the model of kit.