Солнцезащитные козырьки для легковых и грузовых автомобилей

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Car and Truck Sun Visors

There are many varieties of sun visors coming in a variety of colors and patterns to protect your cars interior from UV rays. Selecting the correct sun visor depends on whether it is for use in a car or truck, among a few other factors.

How do you choose the correct sun visor?

Choosing the correct sun visor depends on a variety of things, including the location of the desired visor, such as on a side window or windshield, the size of the car or truck, and the desired use, such as if youll only use it when the car is parked or if you need sun protection when driving.

  • Choose the location for the sun visor.
  • Obtain measurements of the space where the visor will go in your vehicle.
  • Find the right sun visor to match the measurements and model of your car or truck.
What are the uses of a sun visor?

Sun visors come down from the top of the car or truck to aid in blocking the suns rays and lights from the eyes while driving. Visors come in different sizes with different attachments and accessories depending on the visor. Visors are useful when trying to avoid glare from oncoming autos, streetlights at night, or the sun during the daytime.

What locations does a sun visor reach?

Visors reach different parts of the interior of the car or truck depending on the size of the window or windshield and the size of the visor. Many visors have the ability to swivel to cover parts of the side windows in addition to the windshield. How far the visor comes down depends on the angle at which it is used and the size of the visor selected.

Do sun visors come in various colors?

There is a selection of colors available for different sun visors. The correct visor depends on the make, year, and model of the car or truck. Within that selection, there are a variety of colors depending on the brand youre looking at. It is easy to put different fabric on a sun visor after the original purchase, however, and colors can be selected through that process.

What is the difference between a sun visor and sun shade?

Sun visors are permanently attached to the interior of a car or truck, above the windshield, to aid in protecting your eyes from lights, glare, and the sun while driving. There are specific visors created for each unique make, model, and year of vehicle. Sun shades are usually used while the car is parked and tend to be universal. Sun shades can cover many parts of the interior of the auto, including the windshield and side windows. They prevent too much sunlight from penetrating the interior of the vehicle, thereby keeping the interior temperature lower in warm months.