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Cardinal Glass Chess

Cardinal Glass Industries is a company well known for making fine board games, including crafted glass chess and checkers sets. In particular, the pieces and boards for the Cardinal glass chess sets come in clear and frosted varieties and are elegant enough for you to view them as display pieces when the board games are not in use.

How do you choose a Cardinal Glass Industries chess set?

Cardinal Glass Industries makes several chessboards and checkerboards. Deciding which glass set is right for you will depend on both the aesthetic features you want in a chess game and any extra features you might like to have on your board.

  • Cardinal Glass Industries makes chess pieces of varying colors and clarity. Most commonly, the company constructs their chess figurines and checker pieces from clear or frosted glass and in black and white.
  • The board of the company's chess or checkers game will usually be crafted from elegant smoked glass. This glass provides an added measure of beauty and durability while setting it apart from the individual playing pieces.
  • Cardinal Glass Industries chessboards typically follow traditional medieval themes, so the company incorporates the usual playable characters you have seen in chess games, such as kings, queens, and knights.
What are some extra features available for these glass games?

While Cardinal Glass Industries offers the usual styles of chess and checkers sets and game accessories, they also offer some variations of these board games, complete with additional features. If you are looking to enhance your chess experience, some of these options may be right for you.

  • Some games from Cardinal Glass Industries feature the option to play the 3D variation of the game of chess. This variation gives you access to a slightly different chess play mode and style, increasing the overall versatility of your chess game.
  • Many glass chess sets from Cardinal Glass Industries also double as glass checkers boards, increasing their versatility and letting you play both games. You can also purchase the appropriate glass checkers play pieces or get a chess game that is two-in-one and includes both classic strategy games.
  • Cardinal Glass Industries also sells individual replacement glass chess pieces in both the clear and frosted varieties should you ever need them or in case you want to stock up on extras.
How do you care for a glass chess set?

Cardinal Glass Industries' sets for any games, including chess or checkers, can endure. However, there are still some basic maintenance and care instructions you should follow to ensure that your glass set always looks good and performs for a long time. These guidelines work for both chess and checkers, as you may play both games on the same board.

  • You should take care not to place drinks or other objects prone to condensation near your glass chess set.
  • Dust the glass chessboard periodically with a dry, lint-free piece of cloth.
  • For a glass board, you can use a mild dish-safe soap for extra cleaning power.
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