Cases, Covers, Keyboard Folios for 8.4

Choosing the Right Case for Your Galaxy Tab Pro

Your 8.4-inch, Bluetooth-enabled Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet does everything, so you love taking it with you everywhere you go. The problem is that when you bump it or drop it, you risk scratching the display, or worse, cracking the screen. Fortunately, you can keep your device protected inside a secure case, cover, or keyboard folio.

Which Types of Cases Are Available?

You can select the type of case or cover youd like for your device to meet your needs, your personal aesthetic, or to make using your Samsung Galaxy Tab more functional, accessible, or convenient.

  • A folding case, also called a folio, opens like a book does, and you then place your tablet inside. These accessories typically have a feature that lets you flip the front of the case back and form a kickstand with it, allowing you to view media content without having to hold the case in your hands. Another type of folio case is a keyboard case, and this features a Bluetooth keyboard that you can use for typing instead of using your fingers directly on the screens keyboard.
  • A more protective case, sometimes called a shell, is made of rigid materials. These cases typically come in two or three pieces that may include a front and back piece along with a screen protector to completely enclose your Galaxy Tab for security.
  • A skin is a type of case that fits snugly onto your tablet and has a slim profile. It may not be as protective as a thicker type of case, but it takes up less space and is soft and flexible.

Which Brands Make Cases?

While you should be aware of features when youre shopping for covers, you should look at brands as well since certain brands offer unique features like shockproof capability.

  • When youre looking for a way to ensure your Galaxy Tab Pro doesnt end up with one scratch, opt for a cover made by OtterBox. These heavy-duty cases are made of rugged materials and come with a screen protector to ensure your tablet resists dust, water, and scratches.
  • For a slim and sleek silicone skin, consider colorful designs by Poetic. These covers fit tightly and are protective in addition to offering a choice of bright colors to customize your tablet.
  • rooCASE offers multifunctional book-style folios that let you view your tablet from various angles, including vertically or horizontally. Theyre sturdy and come in assorted color options, including red.

What Materials Are Cases Made From?

Cases for your Samsung Galaxy are available in a variety of materials, but youll need to select the right material based on your personal preferences as well as on how sturdy a case you require.

  • A leather case looks sleek, sophisticated, and professional. Folio cases are generally made from leather of varied colors including black, brown, or red.
  • Select a silicone option when you want a tight-fitting skin, as silicone is flexible and soft and provides a slim fit.
  • Choose a rigid plastic tablet case such as polycarbonate. These cases are also typically drop-resistant.

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