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Cole Haan Casual Shoes for Men

Cole Haan Casual Shoes for Men

Cole Haan began as a mens footwear label in 1928, and it has continued to design a variety of mens shoes ever since. While Cole Haan is most recognized for its dressy options, it also offers casual footwear, ranging from penny loafers to everyday Oxfords.

What styles does Cole Haan offer?
  • Sneaker: Cole Haans sneakers focus on simplicity. They adopt the principles of ergonomics, flexibility, and cushioning to create casual sneakers that can be worn in a variety of situations.
  • Oxfords: Oxfords are not synonymous with dress shoes. Cole Haan’s Oxfords are constructed with a more casual aesthetic. These styles have cushioned soles that combine style and function, while leather uppers retain the classic wingtip aesthetic.
  • Waterproof Boots: Men can stay warm during winter with help from Cole Haans selection of waterproof boots. These hiking styles are ultra-insulated, which keeps feet dry even during snowstorms.
  • City Boots: Cole Haans city boots are good for extensive walking. They combine the soles of running shoes with a stylish lace-up aesthetic, making them a practical choice for those that live in the city.
  • Chukkas: Cole Haans chukka styles are a unique take on the traditionally designed boot. Foam footbeds and extra padding provide added support, while soft leather uppers give these shoes a more formal finish.
  • Driving Shoes: Cole Haans mens driving shoes combine dressy details with laid-back comfort. These lightweight moccasins are cushioned with Cole Haans Grand. OS technology, and the design of the uppers maximizes flexibility.
  • Penny Loafer: Many of Cole Haans mens penny loafers are dress shoes. Some of the brands penny loafer options, however, have details that make them appropriate for any situation. They are made of plush leather, which wraps around the foot due to a sock-like construction. These loafers are inspired by jet-setting Europeans, making them the perfect vacation accessory.
What mens sizes does Cole Haan offer?

Most of Cole Haans mens styles, from loafers to Oxfords, are available in mens sizes ranging from 6 to 16. Many of Cole Haans styles come in medium and wide options.

What materials are Cole Haan mens shoes made of?

These Oxfords, loafers, drivers, and moccasins are made of a range of premium materials. They include:

  • Uppers: Almost all of the styles have uppers constructed of high-quality leather or suede. Some hiking styles are made of waterproof leather, while drivers are made of a lightweight leather designed to conform to the foot.
  • Soles: Cole Haans laid-back styles tend to have rubber soles, which promote comfort and traction. Many of the drivers and loafers have nubby rubber soles and heel protectors.
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