Collectible Military Surplus Radios

Expand Your Antique Collection with Military Surplus Radios

Many military radios from WWII and other eras of history are for sale as collectible items on eBay. These radios come in a variety of styles and configurations to suit your needs or the kind of collection you want to build. You can explore the thousands of used collectible radios on eBay to find the ones with features that meet your needs.

What are some features of collectible military radios?

Military radios might have different features depending on the specific models you find on eBay. However, most of them share some basic features that are common to communications equipment. Some of these features include the following:

  • Frequencies- Frequencies for these devices have kHz measurements. Dials on the front face of the device can help you switch between active frequencies.
  • Modes- If the collectible radio of your choice supports more than one mode of communication, you will find extra dials on it that allow you to switch between these modes.
  • Volume- All radios have volume controls that you can use to adjust the sound output coming from them.
Do these radios include accessories?

Many of the collectible WWII radios you will find on eBay have accessories or peripherals that you can use to increase their functionality. Some of the peripheral equipment that comes with these devices is part of their normal function. These accessories might include things such as the following:

  • Handset- A handset that is similar to a telephone attaches to the portable radio for two-way communications.
  • Battery pack- Because these devices are portable, an external battery pack attaches to them and acts as a power source.
  • Headphones- Some models may include headphones or headsets.
What radio conditions can you choose?

Because the collectibles you will find on eBay are vintage, most will be in a used state. However, some pre-owned radios may include original logos, papers, or packaging. Other devices may be refurbished in an attempt to get them closer to their original conditions.