Counter Height Chairs

Counter-height Chairs

For some, eating or working at a kitchen or bar counter is preferable to a table. Choosing the right counter-height chairs or bar stools is important when it comes to safety, comfort, and productivity. Before coming to a decision on counter stools, you should determine what style you want and what height you need.

What types of counter-height chairs are there?

When it comes to counter stools or bar stools, there are two main types:

  • Wooden: Wooden stools are robust and give your living space or bar a classic, rustic feel. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This counter furniture is commonly made from oak, mahogany, maple, pecan, or cherry wood, and it often comes upholstered. Darker wood stools can add warmth to a room although lighter woods can also add to a kitchens light and airy feel.
  • Metal: Most metal stools are made from aluminum or steel. They can add a nontraditional feel to a kitchen or bar. Many of these stools come with mechanics that allow them to swivel and to be adjusted based on the users height. Metal counter stools are extremely durable.
What considerations should you make when buying counter chairs?

There are several things to consider when looking for just the right stool:

  • Adjustability: Counter heights may be different depending on who designs and builds the space. In addition, some users are taller than others, meaning they may need counter stools that are at different heights than other users. Having bar stools that can be adjusted is convenient for everyone.
  • Style: Some bar stools just have a seat while other have backs and even armrests. Those who want traditional bar stools may want backless bar stools as these are what you would find in an actual bar or pub.
What type of counter stool upholstery should you choose?

There are five things to consider when thinking about bar stool fabrics and other bar or dining room furniture:

  • Cleaning: If your furniture sees a lot of traffic from family or guests, you want fabric that is quick and easy to clean. Microfiber, polyester, leather, and vinyl upholstery are easy to clean should a spill happen.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Upholstered bar stools should also fit your homes decor. For example, leather works well in some dining rooms and cooking spaces but not others.
  • Padding: Padding in upholstered bar stools can help make the counter stool more comfortable. The padding should cover any sharp corners and the entire seat for maximum comfort.
  • Durability: Bar stools that are used frequently need to be durable to prevent signs of wear and tear, particularly when it comes to the fabric. Leather is durable but can fade if exposed to sunlight over a long period of time. Vinyl and polyester are also extremely durable.
  • Cushions: Some metal and wooden bar stools do not come with padding. While these bar stools are generally meant to be sat on without padding, adding a cushion may increase guests comfort.