Curio Cabinets

Curio Cabinets

To show off a collection of figurines or collectibles, the right storage cabinet is a must. Curio cabinets are designed for just this purpose and allow homeowners to display their curious collections in all their glory. These storage cabinets, which have glass doors for display purposes, come in a number of styles and types, ranging from embellished, traditional curios to modern corner curios.

Is there a difference between curio cabinets and China cabinets?

While curio cabinets and China cabinets have much in common, they are intended for slightly different storage purposes. China cabinets are made to exhibit collectible dishware, so they are usually enclosed on all sides for safety purposes. Curio cabinets, on the other hand, are designed to display collectibles. To give spectators a clear view of ones collection, these display cabinets often have mirrored backs, glass sides, and glass doors.

What are common types of curio cabinets?

  • Standard: The standard curio is large and freestanding, and they have doors made of glass to keep collectibles safe. They are usually equipped to support heavy collectibles, such as trophies. These display cabinets may also have extra features, including plate grooves, locks, storage shelves, and lighted interiors.
  • Corner: The corner curio is a furniture piece designed for collectors with limited space. They tend to function similarly to standard curios, with various display features and glass doors, but theyre designed to fit in corners.
  • Wall-mounted: The wall mounted curio is another great option for people who dont have room for large furniture items. These cabinets are self-contained units that can be nailed to the wall, and theyre ideal for displaying smaller items, like glass or wood figurines.
  • Clock: Clock curios offer a unique spin on the standard curio cabinet. These strong pieces of furniture are often made of wood. They combine grandfather clocks with the functional display aspects of cabinetry. Thanks to their old-fashioned appeal, they often become beloved focal points.

What are common styles of curio cabinets?

  • Country: Country-style curios retain the traditional aesthetic but refrain from over-embellishment. They may have some decorative elements, like wainscoting or molding, but they often have a shabby chic vibe that complements rustic decor.
  • Modern: When curio cabinets are designed in the contemporary style, theyre often marked by geometric shapes and smooth lines. These furniture pieces are less decorative than traditional curio cabinets, which allows the collection itself to shine. These cabinets are often constructed of wood, and some have metal accents.
  • Traditional: Traditional curios emphasize old-fashioned craftsmanship. They often feature details like carved accents, broken pediments, and inlays. Many of these are carved out of wood, with hinged doors made of glass to protect collectibles.
  • Transitional: Transitional cabinets have many of the same features as traditional cabinets, but they tend to be less ornate. They are ideal for people who like the old-fashioned aesthetic of traditional cabinets, but want something simpler. These storage cabinets tend to be made out of solid wood.