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Dearfoams Slippers for Women

What to Consider When Choosing Slippers for Women

Dearfoams are known for their comfort, as well as their sturdy construction and durability. The soft insoles and tough outer soles of these womens slippers cradle and protect the wearers feet. Dearfoams for women are designed to be cute and stylish as well as comfortable. They are great for slipping on first thing in the morning, or even wearing out for quick errands. They come in many different styles and sizes, so you can find ones that work well for you. 

What Materials are Womens Dearfoams Slippers Made of?

These womens slippers feature unique materials specifically used to make them more comfortable. 

  • The insoles of Dearfoams feature memory foam which is designed to conform to the shape of your foot while cushioning and supporting the arch of the foot. This material moves with the foot, to provide continuous support and comfort.The insoles of these slippers are also covered in a soft layer of fabric. 
  • The part of these slippers that goes over the top of the foot is made of various types of soft fabrics including cotton blends, microfiber and micro suede. 
  • Many Dearfoams for women also lined with a plush, wool-like material or velour quilted material. These slippers work well for colder weather because the lining provides extra warmth. 

What Styles do Womens Dearfoams Slippers Come in?

Dearfoams come in many different styles, which are suitable for different purposes. 

  • Open-toed slippers that are designed like flip-flops are one popular type of Dearfoams. They are easy to slip on, which makes them a good choice for those who want something to put on when they first get out of bed. The open-toed style is great for spring and summer wear. 
  • There are also close-toed slip-on Dearfoams that do not have any fabric over the heel of the foot. These womens slippers are also quick and easy to put on and they are warmer than the open-toed variety. 
  • Dearfoams with closed-toes and fabric covering the heel are also available. These are the warmest variety and ideal for winter wear. 

What Colors do Dearfoams Womens Slippers Come in?

You can find Dearfoams in many different color schemes. 

  • These womens slippers are available in a wide variety of earth tones including shades of brown, grey, and green. Some of these earth tone Dearfoams feature linings that match the main color of the slipper while others have white or off-white linings. 
  • You can also find Dearfoams in soft pastel colors including pinks, purples and blues as well as bold primary colors. 
  • Some Dearfoams feature striped, floral or animal print patterns for those who want slippers with more than one color. 

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