Directors Chairs

Youve seen movie directors sitting in a chair with a canvas bottom and back. These folding chairs are useful and have a stylish casual feel. Canvas directors chairs are known for their comfort, versatility and beauty of design.

What styles and materials do these directors chairs come in?

There are several types of designs as well as a range of sturdy materials that are available for the directors chair. Chairs may be regular height but extra-wide for more comfort. Other directors chairs can be taller, with a seat to floor height of 30". Some have cup holders, side tables, or padded seats built in or as add-on accessories. Some materials include:

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Polyester or Cotton Canvas
Where in a room can you use a directors chair?

You can use one of these folding chairs in a college dorm room, bedroom or office room. Other rooms might include a basement den, breakfast nook or informal dining area. Higher chairs might enhance a counter bar. Additionally, because these are lightweight, portable folding chairs like these can be utilized for:

  • craft or trade show booths
  • outdoor sports games
  • a barbecue or tailgate party
  • camping or lakeside fishing
  • picnics
How do you change the canvas for replacement or laundering?

The fabric can easily be washed and returned to the chair. Here are the steps for taking it off the chair on laundry day:

  • Pull the arms of chair closer together to allow some slack.
  • Lift off the back canvas.
  • Drop arms down.
  • Facing the back of the directors chair, grasp the seat and slide it out of the grooves by pulling towards you.
  • For replacement, insert the edges of the seat into the grooves. Then, raise the arms and put the new or washed back over the posts. Be sure to lock the leg hinges down before sitting.
What are some options for changing the design?

With a host of colors, team or brand emblems, and some patterns available, you can change the look of the directors chair to match a room, root for your favorite sports team, or have your name proudly on the back, showing that youre in charge. You may not be a making a movie, but with this type of chair you can become a director in your home office, a director at the weekly soccer game, or just the director of your family for some backyard fun.