Disney Cartoon Characters Costumes

When it comes to dressing up as characters for Halloween, Disney offers costumes for both adults and kids. Disney has several cartoon characters to choose from for your Halloween Costume. You can be a Disney Princess, a space hero, and much more.

What should you look for in a Disney Character costume?

Disney offers costumes of various characters to meet the needs of those that wish to dress up. Costumes include everything from princesses to villains, in a range of colors and sizes, including those for infants, toddlers, older children, and adults. Disney costumes also come in a range of designs and fabrics.

What are some Disney Halloween costumes for girls?

  • Minnie Mouse: Minnie Mouse is a classic Disney character. Sizes are offered for both girls and women. Most Minnie costumes feature the traditional red dress and mouse ears. There are pink variations as well.
  • Snow White: Snow White is a princess who wears a blue and yellow dress with a red cape. Add a black wig, headband and red lipstick to this costume for the complete Disney princess look.
  • Belle: There are a few options for a Belle costume. For something simple, consider Belle's blue dress and apron that she wears for most of the film. For a more formal option, try the yellow princess evening gown recalls the Beauty and the Beast's first dance. Top it off with an up-do hairstyle and yellow headband.
  • Cinderella: There are also a few options for a Disney Princess Cinderella costume. For a playful look, dress as Cinderella before the ball in her cleaning clothes. Make sure to mess up your hair and smudge your face. For Princess Cinderella's ball look, the baby blue ball gown and famous glass slippers are suitable.

What are some Disney costumes for boys?

  • Mickey Mouse: There are a few variations of the Mickey Mouse Halloween costume for boys and men. The traditional Disney Mickey character wears red shorts, yellow shoes, and white gloves. Another Mickey Costume option is Sorcerer Mickey who wears a red cap, blue wizard hat, and wizard gown. Both options are identifiable as a Mickey the Mouse Halloween costume.
  • Beast: This Disney costume can be achieved by dressing up in a blue suit and Beast's mask.
  • Buzz Lightyear: Buzz Lightyear is a popular character from the movie Toy Story. This costume features Buzz's signature space jumpsuit and helmet.
  • Woody: Woody is the cowboy from Disney's movie Toy Story. Sizes are available for adult men and young boys. The Halloween Costume features pants, shirt, vest, and cowboy hat.
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