Костюмы Disney

Disney Costumes

From the company's early film classics like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to later hits like "Frozen" and "Moana" as well as audience favorites like "Toy Story," "The Incredibles" and the galactic Star Wars universe, there's a treasure trove of Disney costumes and accessories for everyone. You can be royal or scary, a hero or a villain when you choose Disney costumes that can be used for various events like cosplaying or trick-or-treating.

How do you select a costume?
  • Know before you go: Unless you are just going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood or going to a friend's party in your Halloween costume, check out any costume rules and restrictions of the venue where you will be dressing up. Can masks be worn? Are capes allowed? Can full-length gowns be worn?
  • Plan for the weather: Will you be wearing the costume inside in comfortable temperatures or outside in summer's heat or winter's cold? Where and when you will be wearing the costume may have an impact on which costume you choose.
How do you clean your Disney costume?

Check your costume's washing instructions and follow them to the letter. Drop off dry-clean only items. Wash fur costumes and wigs in cold water with a gentle shampoo and hang to dry naturally. If there are masks, clean those with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Apply a disinfectant spray to clean for future use. If you sprinkle the inside of the mask with cornstarch, you will prevent the mask from sticking to itself and other items. If there is hair or fur attached to the mask, make sure it is free of dirt and grime.

How do you store costumes for future use?

After cleaning your costume, masks, and any accessories thoroughly, make sure everything is dry before putting them into storage to avoid mold. Storing items in zipped plastic bags is recommended whether you are using large freezer bags or recycling bags used to package bedding or other domestic items. Ensure the inside of the storage bag is also clean and dry. Garment bags can also be used along with boxes, so long as tissue paper is issued between items to reduce wrinkles and for an extra layer of protection. If you have hats or other items whose shape you'd like to maintain, stuff with newspaper or bubble wrap for storage. Foam heads to hold wigs or hats are also useful.

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