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Disney Princess Play-Doh and Modeling Clay

If your child is creative, loves art, and loves Disney Princesses, they will love Disney Princess modeling clay or Play-Doh. These sets combine two childhood favorites to provide children with a fun and expressive outlet. Whether they play alone, with you, or with a friend, they will enjoy creating along with their favorite Disney Princesses.

Is there a difference between Play-Doh and modeling clay?

While their purpose is similar, Play-Doh and modeling clay are different.

  • Play-Doh: Play-Doh is ideal for children who are around 2 years of age because it is soft and flexible enough for small fingers. It is easy to clean up, even when it has dried. There are also a lot of toys that can be used with Play-Doh that are combined into sets, such as Disney Princess toys.
  • Modeling clay: Clay is firmer, and older kids enjoy it more as it holds its shape better. Even though it is more firm than Play-Doh, after it is kneaded a bit it softens and can be manipulated easily into whatever your child imagines. Modeling clay will not dry out and it does not crumble, as it has an oil base. It is also available in a multitude of colors.
What types of Disney Princess Play-Doh sets are available?

No matter who your child's favorite princess is there is likely a Play-Doh set that includes her. From classics like Cinderella and Snow White, to contemporary princesses like Anna and Elsa, Disney and Play-Doh have teamed up to give your child a creative outlet. Here are a few of the Disney sets that you can purchase:

  • Disney Princess Design-a-Dress Boutique Set: Your child can be a royal dress designer for Rapunzel and Belle with this set. It features one can of Plus compound and 3 cans of Play-Doh modeling compound along with extruder tips and gown attachments.
  • Disney Princess Magical Designs Castle Set: This set features Princess Aurora along with sparkling Play-Doh compound. It also includes a press out gown and Aurora’s castle. Your child will enjoy creating their own design for this castle with blue, purple, pink and yellow dough colors.
  • Disney Princess Frozen Sparkle Snow Dome Set: This set comes with Princesses Anna and Elsa and Play-Doh in green, brown, orange, and sparkle white so that your child can make their favorite "Frozen" characters, such as Olaf and Sven. It also features a Frozen-themed backdrop and clear dome to put over the top of your child’s design and snowflake cutters.
  • Disney Princess Royal Tea Party Set: Your child will enjoy having a tea party featuring Chip and Mrs. Potts along with cookie cutters and molding tools. This set comes with purple, pink, and tan as well as yellow Play-Doh Plus compound.