Египетские/греческие/римские костюмы

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Egyptian/Greek/Roman Costumes

Whether for Halloween, a costume party, or a dramatic production, a well-designed costume can transport you to an earlier age. You can dress as if you were in the ancient world as a soldier, a queen, even a god or goddess. Choosing your costume can be difficult with the many wonderful designs to choose from, so here are some questions to help you narrow down your options.

What are some typical Egyptian, Greek, and Roman costumes?

Today’s costumes provide rich characterization that can turn you into an icon of the ancient world. Here are some costume designs:

  • King Tut and Cleopatra: two of the most famous rulers of ancient Egypt. These costumes often come with highly detailed accessories, such as King Tut’s headpiece and Cleopatra’s famous wig.
  • Gladiators: gladiators have been celebrated throughout history for their bravery and skill in fighting. They have been the subjects of movies and television shows. Variations on this design include Spartan and Greek warriors and Roman Centurions.
  • Anubis, Bastet: Anubis is an Egyptian god with the body of a man and the head of a dog, while Bastet is an Egyptian goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a cat. Together they make for a couple of divine mythological beings.
  • Julius Caesar: Caesar is the famous Roman emperor, immortalized in poetry and plays. With his laurel wreath and deep red sash, he cuts a commanding figure wherever he goes.
  • Mummy: One of the great icons of horror movies, mummy costumes have come a long way from simply wrapping yourself in bandages. A good mummy costume will include tattered edges, perhaps hints of decay, and the ornaments of the pharaoh or queen that once was.
  • Medusa: this Greek mythological figure is noted for her hair made of snakes. With her ability to turn men to stone, this Greek Goddess costume will make you an icon of female power in the ancient world.

What should you look for in an Egyptian, Greek, or Roman costume?

You want to look for costumes that pay attention to detail. Multiple layers and pieces, especially of fabric with different textures, create a sense of realism and depth. Look for longer dresses on women and men’s togas that have additional layers like capes and sashes. Accessories such as headpieces, staffs, jewels, and cuffs all add authenticity.

Are Egyptian, Greek, and Roman costumes available for different sizes?

Yes! These costumes come in a wide range of styles and sizes for men and women, including tall, plus size, petite, and more. There are even children’s versions of many popular designs, allowing your little gladiator or Athena to trick-or-treat in glorious, ancient style.