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Industrial Electric Motor Parts and Accessories

When an industrial machine is in need of a replacement part, finding the correct one can be difficult due to the overwhelming amount of puzzling bits and accessories offered. Because industrial machinery is such a broad category, knowing the exact part name and number is crucial whether you need brushes, bearings, armatures, or auxiliary accessories.

How do you identify an electric motor?

To find the correct part for your electric motor, you will need to find the manufacturer and model number of the unit first. The most accurate way to get this information is to look on the nameplate of the motor itself. The nameplate will carry such information as the brand, the model number, the serial number, dimensions, and electrical specs like HP, Volts, and RPMs.

How do you find the right electric motor part?

Once you have the correct information regarding the electric motor you are working with, you need to find the name and number of the part you need to replace. If you do not know the part name or number, you can consult the motor’s user or service manual for details. These usually have in-depth information about the motor and servicing, including parts lists and parts diagram drawings. Using the manual will simplify the part identification.

What are some common replacement parts?

Some of the common replacement parts for electric motors are brushes, bearings, and armatures. These are the parts that most frequently cause performance issues and problems of motor assemblies.

Why are well-functioning bearings an essential part of a motor?

Bearings in electric motors are the parts that support and locate the rotor. Having a properly functioning bearing allows the motor to run efficiently. The quickest way to ruin a bearing is to use the motor in a wrong application. The manufacturer suggested application should always be followed to maintain the life expectancy of the machinery. A properly functioning bearing will allow the motor to work through its entire speed range and have little resistance or noise.

Why are well-maintained brushes important for a motor?

A brush is a part which conducts current between stationary and moving parts of an electric motor. Electricity flows through the brush to the commutator, which in turn applies electric current to the windings that drives the motor. When brushes wear out, they might present cutting-out problems, power decrease, sounds, sparks, and even smoke.

Why is an armature important for a motor?

An armature is the spinning part of an electric motor composed of a shaft, commutator, and electric coils. This part is one half of the assembly that produces the motors power output. Problems with the armature can present as a power issue either as a decline in power or an inconsistent power delivery. A chipped commutator can lead to ruined brushes and overheating, which can reduce the motor’s life. Once a motor is overheated, it can produce sparks, heat, smoke, and melt the insulation on the wires.

What are some accessories offered for electric motors?

The exact accessories vary with each model and desired application. Accessories allow for the motor to be adapted for use in applications requiring exact specifications such as converting an environment from constant to variable speed. Some more common motor accessories are speed control boxes and other motor controls, switches, covers, end plates, motor bases, mount adapters, and motor brakes.