Get in Shape With Exercise Bikes

An exercise bike can be a fun and easy way to work out. You get all the benefits of pedaling a bicycle while staying comfortably indoors.

Should you get an electric or manual bike?

One of the first things you need to consider when shopping for bikes is choosing between bikes powered by electricity or bikes powered by your own muscles.

Electric exercise bikes

Electric bikes tend to have more features. The ability to be powered by electricity means you can customize intensity levels with electric gears, use built-in heart rate monitors, and go through various workout programs.

Manual exercise bikes

Manual exercise bikes tend to be simpler, just relying on your leg power and a few basic resistance levels to give you a workout. These bikes are usually cheaper than electric bikes. Some users report that manual bikes feel more like riding a normal bike.

Deciding between upright and indoor cycle bikes

Both of these basic styles of exercise bikes have some benefits.

Upright exercise bikes

This style of bike is essentially a seat you sit on in an upright position while pedaling. Due to their wider, padded seats, upright bikes are more comfortable than indoor cycle bikes. With their adjustable seats and handlebars, this style of bike is very easy to use. It works well for beginners who just want to burn some calories or improve aerobic endurance.

Indoor cycle bike

Indoor cycle bikes feel more like a traditional bike in their riding experience since you crouch over as you pedal. This makes them ideal for cyclists who want the option of training indoors occasionally. It can be harder to get used to an indoor cycle bike, but once you adjust, it can provide a more intense workout and customized workout.

What are some useful features on the display panel?

The display panel is where you can track all sorts of helpful data and adjust the machine controls. Most displays will at least show you your speed or intensity level along with a timer to let you know how long you have been biking. More elaborate exercise bikes may also provide information like a calorie monitor, LCD display, or heart rate monitor. This can help you fine-tune your workout to focus on goals like better endurance or more fat burning. Another potential helpful feature, is the option of selecting various exercise programs that can guide you through preset workouts.

l feature, is the option of selecting various exercise programs that can guide you through preset workouts.