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Exoto Collections of Formula 1 Cars

From Grand Prix Ferrari classics to Porsche racing legends, the Exoto diecast F1 cars have functional features. Many of these collectibles have removable wheels, rotating disc brakes, and woven cloth seats. You can grow your inventory of miniature replicas by collecting specific racing teams, favorite makes, or select particular designs that strike your fancy.

How Did the Company Begin Miniature Toy Car Models?

Exoto began its journey towards miniatures by first designing car covers and floor mats for life-size vehicles. In the early 2000s, the company entered the market of automotive collectibles offering popular 1:18 and 1:43 scale models and other sizes. Their creations grew into one of the largest collections of CMC (classic model cars) available to meet the demands of toy car enthusiasts. The company offers BMW, Alfa Romeo, and other well-known classics from the days of Henry Ford designs in the 1900s and beyond. The manufacturer continually refines their models to create works of art to command the attention of F1 racing vehicle fans.

What Features Do These Miniatures Have?

Models are hand-assembled and include hundreds or thousands of individual parts. The hand-painted, full diecast bodies have intricately detailed metal hardware and tires with tread patterns. F1 engineer scale the steering mechanisms, cockpit, and engine components to resemble full-size racing cars. Depending on the model, replicas have simulated carbon fiber chassis and 11-step paint finishes. You can purchase limited edition models in unopened boxes. 

What Vehicle Makes Can You Purchase?

  • Ferrari: In real life, the Ferrari Flat-12 F1 racing cars secured world titles in 1975 and 1976. Ferrari 312T4 miniatures include photo-etched water and oil cooling radiators, hydraulic hoses, and electrical wiring. Other Ferrari F1 models include a 1990 641/2 or a 1970-71 model 312B single seater that has painted-on graphics.
  • Mercedes-Benz: The 1987-1989 Sauber-Mercedes C9 miniatures are patterned after the original sports car. You can open doors and remove front and rear body panels. Look inside the engine and you'll see replicated spark plugs and electrical components.
  • Porsche: Another racing legend, Porsche 1973-75 917/30 models have detailed roll cages and miniature KKK turbochargers. Collectors appreciate the detail of front brake air cooling ducts found on the Porsche 934 RSR model in 1:18 scale. 
  • Jaguar: An early racing contender in 1954, Jaguar D-Type models include 2600 stamped, molded, and machined parts. The real-life car, which was sponsored by a private team, competed in the 1956 and 1957 Le Mans 24-hour endurance races and won.

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