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Festo Industrial Linear Actuators

Linear actuators transform the circular motion of motors into linear motion. They are an important component in the design of many types of industrial automation technology. Festo industrial linear actuators are some of the most widely used and can be found in many different applications.

In which industries are Festo industrial linear actuators used?

Festo has been a global leader in the production of control and automation components since 1925. Since their beginnings in Germany, they have grown to produce products in 61 different countries worldwide. They have also grown their product portfolio to include a wide variety of settings and applications. Their applications include the electric mobility industry, automotive and Tier 1 supplier industry, semiconductors, food and beverage, packaging, water technology, and process automation. Other applications include textile production, printing and paper, woodworking, metal extraction, and mining processes engineering. They are one of only a few suppliers that can provide systems suitable for hazardous environments in the chemical industry. Their components can be found in hundreds of different applications, and they have the ability to design custom parts for many applications. Festo supplies thousands of different components and has an extensive portfolio of design work for specific applications.

Does Festo make linear actuators for the robotics industry?

Festo makes an entire product line dedicated to robotics used in packaging and palletizing operations. They can be used with many different types of machines and are particularly suitable when workers would be in danger of strains and injuries due to repetitive ergonomically incorrect work. The Festo DFPI linear actuator is specifically designed to perform twisting, swiveling, and rotational motions that are a common source of injury in humans. The use of pneumatic technology used in these mechanical components makes them stronger and able to lift more than their human counterparts.

Are there models available for hazardous environments?

Festo makes models that are made to meet the specifications of the ATEX Directive. The ATEX Directive is a European standard that covers the design and manufacture of equipment that will be used in potentially explosive environments. Festo makes components that are made from stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Their components made for this application are pressure tight and completely sealed for zero leakage.

Festo pneumatic components are made to comply with both equipment and workspace requirements of the ATEX Directive. This makes them suitable for use in applications in the chemical processing and manufacturing environments for which the ATEX Directive is a requirement. The components are designed so that they will not attain a high surface temperature or produce electrical sparks. They designed to be low friction so that they will not produce mechanical sparks or produce electrostatic discharge. In addition to meeeting the ATEX Directive, they also the requirements of the explosive environment requirements of other countries in which they operate.

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