Fine Charms & Charm Bracelets

Jewelry is a traditional gift for women on anniversaries and holidays, and charms provide a way to personalize these pieces. While necklaces generally hold only a couple pendants, bracelets can fit up to 20. Made out of sterling silver, gemstones, and other materials, these bracelets have options that match every style.

What is a charm bracelet?

This is a customizable type of jewelry that consists of a collection of charms strung onto a bracelet. These charms often symbolize meaningful events or loved ones. The actual bracelet is usually made from gold or sterling silver, but some are made from combinations of metal or leather. Most bracelet styles have clips that separate the charms into sections. Spacer beads are smaller than other charms and also help organize and accent the charms on the bracelet.

What are some starter charms for bracelets?

Whether purchasing a charm as a gift or for oneself, there are categories of beads for every style and personality. It is common to start with a few charms and slowly build the collection over the course of a lifetime. When first starting, the following are some standard beads that many women love.

  • Birthstones in a sterling silver setting are a standard choice. Some mothers also add the birthstones of their children.
  • Letters and numbers made of sterling silver can represent anything from a last name to an athletes jersey number.
  • Hobbies and occupation charms celebrate a persons passion, be it medicine, education, sports, or gardening.
  • Animals represent family pets like dogs or favorite animals like panda bears, owls, or pigs.
  • Awareness ribbons display support for specific medical or societal issues.
  • Special occasion beads commemorate special events like a wedding or a birth and can make jewelry festive for holidays.
  • Relationship beads celebrate family and friends and include designs like a sterling silver heart or the word “love” on a wedding cake.

What materials are in charm bracelets?

Whether themed or purely decorative, all bracelet beads are designed to be eye-catching. Each one is unique, both in design and in the materials used:

  • Metals include gold, sterling silver, and other alloys involving copper and silver. The bracelet itself usually consists of sterling silver or gold.
  • Glass and enamel add vibrant colors to a bracelet.
  • Stones include crystal, turquoise, topaz, and zirconia.

Do charms work with necklaces?

While many charms are designed for bracelets, some also fit onto gold or sterling silver necklaces, especially the dangle or pendant styles of the jewelry. You need to check the type of charm with your type of necklace to determine whether you have the right fit.

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