Flip Cell Phones and Smartphones

Choosing AT&T Flip Cell Phones and Smartphones

Match your lifestyle to the type of phone that enhances it by running your eye over the flip phones and smartphones that the American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) corporation has to offer. As a mobile phone carrier choice, it gives you adequate 4G and 3G coverage for your device across the country, including many rural areas. With multiple cell phone plan options, such as prepaid and unlimited plans, you get to choose the one that works for you.

How Do You Decide Between Flip Cell Phones and Smartphones?

The type of lifestyle you lead, your own personal preferences, and what you need from a phone usually determine the type you should choose.

  • Flip Phone:Small and simple, flip phones offer basic cell phone features, like calls, text messages, and a calendar, with little data usage, so they are ideal for leisure use, as a spare phone, and for lifestyles that require constant movement, such as frequent travel across the country. With their external antennae, sturdy build, and absence of battery-draining apps, they boast better battery conservation, and better signal reception for calls and texts than smartphones.
  • Smartphone:When you are a social media addict or suffering from the fear of missing out, you can multitask with ease on your very own pocket computer. Smartphones have, in addition to the basic features of every phone, Internet, games, and applications that keep you connected to friends, as well as a much larger screen than the flip. Thus, theyre kinder on your eyes when you watch movies, edit images, navigate maps, play games, or browse the Web.

Which Features Do AT&T Flip Cell Phones and Smartphones Include?

Enjoy a better user experience when you opt for a device with features that make using the phone a joy instead of a hindrance.

  • Speakerphones:These offer hands-free convenience of making and receiving calls when both your hands are busy, as well as talking with multiple people on the same line.
  • Dual Cameras:With both a front-facing and a rear-facing camera, they give you two angles of view, and thus, greater perspective for pretty pictures. Additionally, you get optical zoom, which brings distant objects closer without compromising the image quality.
  • Wi-Fi Technology:This provides high-speed access to the Internet over a wireless network system, though you can still connect to another device, such as a printer, without the Internet. Its ideal in spots where the network coverage is fluctuating or when you want to save on cellular data costs that are usually higher.

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