Floral Ties for Men

If you wear formal attire to work, you might want to consider something other than the traditional plain-color or striped tie. Many white-collar workers wear suits with white shirts, and the necktie is the only fashion statement that they make. Consider a floral tie for men to make a statement.

What fabrics and styles can be found in floral ties?

Most of the floral ties for men are silk, but there are a few ties that are made from cotton or polyester. Other fabrics available in neckties are wool and linen.

There are many different floral tie styles, including some that have a small floral pattern. Others have large and splashy floral print. Ties can be a classic width, wide, or skinny. You can also find long ties, bow ties, and pre-tied ties in a floral pattern. These come in any of the basic colors, including a black floral print. Included among the floral prints is the classic paisley.

What knots can men use to tie a floral tie?

Try these classic knots:

  • Four-In-Hand Knot
  • Half-Windsor Knot
  • Windsor Knot

There are additional knots that can be used for your floral print ties, including the Eldredge Knot, Ediety Knot, Trinity Knot, Van Wijk Knot, Fishbone Knot, Truelove Knot, Krasny Hourglass Knot, Cafe Knot, Onassis Knot, Four Rings Knot, and the Linwood Taurus Knot.

Can any knot be used for any floral tie?

The wider the necktie, the less likely it would be for a big fat knot to work well. The Windsor knot and many of the fancy knots are quite large, and a wide floral tie for men makes them even bigger. On the other hand, a skinny floral print tie may look better with a larger knot.

Generally, the widest part of a necktie should hang about at the same height as the upper edge of your leather belt. The necktie's tip will extend slightly below the belt.

How do you care for men’s floral ties?

A necktie can be kept in good wearing shape with proper care. These tips can be used to keep your ties in wearing condition:

  • Untying men’s ties: Take care when untying a floral tie. It is better for you to untie the floral tie as it was tied, only in reverse.
  • Storing men's ties: Hang your ties properly over a clothes hanger or a rack. This will allow the creases from the knot to fall out.
  • Cleaning your floral ties: It is best if you don't get any stains at all. However, if you do, immediately rinse with cold water to keep the stain from setting. Seltzer water and club soda work well. For a greasy stain, use talcum powder on it as soon as possible. Let it dry, and then brush off the powder.
  • Getting wrinkles out: Even with proper hanging, most floral ties will at some point begin to show wrinkles. Steam is best for removing creases. For light wrinkles, hang your ties in the bathroom as you shower. You could also use a steamer.
  • Tie tacks: You can use a bar tack or if you use a pin, stick it through the fabric holder in the back, and then press it through your shirt.