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Gamo Air Pistols

Gamo Air Pistols

Ever since the first air gun was made in Stockholm, Sweden in 1580, people have been using them for a variety of purposes. They represented the first use of pneumatic technology, which is a branch of engineering that utilizes compressed air. Gamo Air Pistols use this technology to bring you a variety of air gun options.

What types of Gamo Air Pistols are available?

This manufacturer has a number of different air guns that have various uses, such as competing in sports like the Olympic 10m Air Pistol event. Gamo Air pistols can also be used for things like pest control, hunting, recreational shooting, and target practice. Guns belonging to the Gamo Blowback Series utilize a technique that allows a portion of the air to move the guns slide back when its fired, giving it a more realistic feel. Here are some of the Gamo air guns available.

  • PT-85, PT-25, C-15, and MP Blowback Series
  • Break Barrel Series
  • PT-23 and PT-80 Series
  • PX-107 Series
  • Target Pistols
What caliber are Gamos pellet pistols?

They are .177 and .22 caliber air pistols. A few of the pellet sizes you might encounter include: .177, .20, .22, and .25. Among these, the .177 uses the smallest pellets.

  • The rules of most official shooting organization require a .177 caliber gun for both pistol and rifle competition.
  • All other factors being equal, any pistol will shoot faster with .177 than with other calibers.
Are spare parts available for any of these air pistols?

Its important to take good care of your Gamo equipment to help it last as long as possible. However, spare parts are available in the event that something becomes lost or broken. These parts include the Compact Target Pistol Rear Sight replacement, Target Pistol Left Hand Grip, and the PT-80 Seal Valve. Other spare parts include:

  • Magazine clips
  • CO2 "O" ring
  • Cover grips
  • P-23 Rear Sight
Is there any additional Gamo air gun gear available?

Yes, additional gear is available for air guns and air pistols from this company. You can find items like carrying cases, gun slings, shooting glasses, and several other products, some of which are listed below.

  • A spill-proof belt pouch for fast loading.
  • A bipod with folding legs, compatible with all major air-rifle barrels.
  • The Small Game Cookbook, which contains 20 recipes involving squirrel, rabbit, and turkey.
  • An air gun sock, designed to protect against dirt.
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