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Island Style for Spring Break: Gray Women’s Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim has a large variety of sunglasses to pick as you get ready for the spring. There are aviators, butterfly, and even cat eye models available in multiple colors, such as gray. These sunglasses are also well-designed and make for a great compliment to your favorite spring break apparel. Don’t forget that Maui Jim fashion sunglasses for women also come in both plastic and metal frame designs, so you should be able to easily find a pair that will match your aesthetic.

What are some brand-specific styles that are unique to Maui Jim?
  • Swept Away– These are plastic sunglasses that use acetate frames and polycarbonate lenses to provide a unique shape and look. The Swept Away line has very few angles and has curves along the side where the frames adjoin the temples. Despite being plastic glasses, Maui Jim crafted these to be metallic in design, and the lenses have a gradient coloration so that there is more tint toward the top compared to the bottom.
  • Heliconia – These glasses, which are named after a type of flowering plant, are almost entirely comprised of acetate. You’ll also notice that these have thicker rims than you might find on other glasses, which grants them a vintage look. These neutral gray women’s sunglasses also have a leopard-spotted temple design that stands out.
  • Punchbowl – With the punchbowl design, Maui Jim was going for a more squat and wide aesthetic. These glasses are very thin and comprised of acetate. The lenses don’t have a gradient design, so tinting is uniform along the tops and bottoms.
  • Pilot – Maui Jim named these the Pilot line since they are aviators, which were originally designed for pilots in the military. These polarized Maui Jim designer sunglasses are comprised of monel frames and polycarbonate lenses. While neutral gray is a great color to choose, the brand also has options like the reddish Cliff House, the blue Seacliff, and the lighter blue Fair Winds variants.
  • Ohia – Like the Pilot line, the Ohia line of eyewear has a metal frame. While similar to aviators, Ohia eyewear is more akin to navigators since they have a squat design and more angular lenses. The arms on these are also thicker than traditional aviators, and there’s also no gradient on the lenses.
Does Maui Jim produce cat eye sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses are sunglasses that have an upswept look along the outer edge and a lower center around the bridge. Maui Jim does have a few options for polarized cat-eye fashion sunglasses for you to choose from. The most prominent of these is the Honey Girl line or the Jacaranda line of glasses. The women's Maui Jim Dragonfly sunglasses also have a cat eye-style design, but the lenses are more teardrop-shaped.

Does Maui Jim have sunglasses with actual glass lenses?

Since some people prefer actual glass lenses, Maui Jim does have a few options that include their Compass aviators. Like many aviators, the Compass line has metal frames with acetate tips along the temples, but the lenses here are comprised not of polycarbonate but also of glass. These are very lightweight on the face.

Does Maui Jim have butterfly sunglasses?

The closest variation of a butterfly-style sunglass is the Orchid line from Maui Jim. These neutral gray women's sunglasses have a slightly upswept design, but the hinge is positioned around the frame’s midsection. These lack the mid-joint that some butterfly sunglasses have, but the overall design has an hourglass shaping.

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