Saturn Ion Grilles

The grille on your Saturn Ion model sedan plays an important role in preventing damage to the front of your car while allowing air to move through the engine. However, you may decide that it is time to replace the grille after a minor collision or in order to change the appearance of your Ion. When looking for a replacement grille for your Saturn vehicle, you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

What types of grilles are available for a Saturn Ion?

There are two main types of grilles available that you can have installed on your Saturn sedan. These include:

  • Billet grilles: These grilles are made from thick strips of metal or heavy plastic. Some of these grilles have bars that are laid vertically while others are laid horizontally. While many billet grilles are made from aluminum, others can be made with an aluminum alloy for added strength.
  • Mesh grilles: These grilles are made from metal or heavy plastic strips that are interwoven to form different patterns.
What mesh grille patterns can you choose from?

There are five types of mesh grille patterns that are often available for aftermarket grilles. These patterns include:

  • Woven: This pattern is made from thin wires that are woven together within a metal frame. The woven pattern generally looks like small diamonds, although they can also look like boxes. In some cases, the wires may be twisted to give the grille a distinctive look.
  • Perforated: These grilles are made by perforating a sheet of metal. This gives the grille a unique appearance.
  • Off-count: These grilles do not have the same number of wires going in each direction. This pattern looks like miniature rectangles.
  • Crimped: The metal wires in these grilles have been crimped at regular intervals. The crimping gives the grille a unique texture that other grilles do not have.
  • Twilled weave: This type of weave is where a wire goes over two perpendicular wires before going under the following two perpendicular wires, which makes the grille look more complex and textured.
How are replacement grilles installed on an Ion?

Before you can install a replacement grille on a Saturn Ion, you will need to remove the old grille. In order to replace the grille, you can follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: You will need to open the engine hood and possibly remove the upper fan cover as the grille mounting hardware will be underneath.
  • Step 2: All of the hardware holding the grille should be removed. This allows the grille to be lifted off the front of the Ion. If it feels stuck, not all of the hardware has been removed.
  • Step 3: If you are installing an aftermarket grille, there may be additional hardware that you may have to install before you replace the grille.
  • Step 4: Once you have installed the aftermarket brackets, the replacement grille should slide easily into place.
  • Step 5: Replace the hardware to hold the grille firmly in place. Replace the upper fan cover and close the hood.