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Gucci Belts for Women

Gucci Womens Belts

Gucci has long been known for the leather accessories it produces. Womens belts are one example of the many leather goods crafted by this designer label. Through the years, Gucci has crafted belts with details that fit a wide range of personal styles, sizes, and shapes.

What can you consider when choosing a Gucci belt?

The belt you choose will depend on the overall look youre trying to create. The first thing you might consider is color. You can find Gucci belts in nearly any color of the rainbow, including red, purple, pink, yellow, orange, gold, gray, green, blue, black, brown, ivory, silver and white. Another factor in your decision will be size. Belts for women come in XS to XL as well as sizes based on waist size, from 26 inches to 48 inches. Another option for belts by Gucci is the width. Medium is a standard choice but skinny and wide can add a certain flair to an outfit as well.

What materials and patterns make up Gucci belts?

Many Gucci belts are made of leather, suede, and patent leather. However, you can also find an array of other materials as well. Elastic material as well as nylon, rubber, and snakeskin offer distinctive belt textures. Youll also find belts made from canvas as well as metal or chain styles.Patterns featured on Gucci belts include an array of textures in addition to stripes, animal print, argyle, floral, and multi-colors. In addition to patterns, design embellishments include beads, bows, chains, lace, and studs. You can also choose a belt adorned with leopard print or gold tassels.

What are some signature features of Gucci belts?

Gucci makes a number of items that are designed for beauty, fashion, and durability. Vintage belts from the 1970s, some with horsehead buckles, are unusual. Other interesting Gucci belt options are the floral printed choices as well as the classic 1980s metal disc belts. There is an array of womens belts available from this designer line. The G logo being highlighted somewhere on the buckle is a consistent theme. Some belts feature interlocking G closures, while at other times the G stands alone in a bold statement. The G can also be found within a simple golden rectangle. In the 1980s and early 1990s, the bar on the G was sometimes stylized to look like head of a snake. Other statement buckles may be heart- or dragonfly-shaped.

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