Педальные доски и чехлы для гитарных эффектов

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Guitar Effect Pedalboards and Cases

One of the most fun parts of playing electric guitar is using effect pedals. With multiple pedals and power access, you can make amazing sounds. These pedalboards and cases are a great way to keep track of all your different pedals.

Why should you have a pedalboard?

If you're playing guitar with a lot of pedals, you want to be able to keep track of them. Rather than leaving them scattered around the floor, a pedalboard lets you consolidate them in one place. You can then summon an effect on your guitar easily.

How many pedals can you fit on a single pedalboard?

This depends on the size of your pedals and the size of your pedalboard. Most pedals are fairly small, measuring about 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches. You could fit as many as 15 guitar-effect pedals on a single pedalboard. You should be mindful of how much energy they're using up as too many pedals can affect the power supply. You want the right amount of power to play properly. Too much power overload could affect the quality of your music.

What are some of the common pedalboards available?

There are several great brands of pedalboards to choose from. An excellent choice is Boss. Not only does Boss manufacture terrific pedalboards and cases to choose from, but they also have great effect pedals. If you want to have an awesome board that you can transport easily each time you play a show, a Boss pedalboard is a smart investment. Other quality pedalboard brands include Pedaltrain and Gator.

Are all effect pedalboards the same?

No, you will find there are distinct differences between pedalboards available for your guitar. Various designs are available, and pedalboards may be built in different ways. No matter what kind you choose, it's important that it can hold multiple pedals at a time while you play guitar.

How should you use a pedalboard while playing?

When using a pedalboard while playing guitar, you should use cables to connect your pedals to your guitar and to each other. The number of cables you'll need depends on the number of pedals you have. You'll plug your guitar into one, and that will begin a chain of connections to other pedals on your board. The cables will end with a connection via the provided power supply. The pedalboard's power supply can be easily plugged in.

Do pedalboards need to be charged?

Yes, pedalboards have power and need a charge in order to work properly. Your pedalboard should come with a power supply.

What should you consider when using a pedalboard?

With a pedalboard, you need to be mindful of how many effect pedals you're using. You want your board to be as organized as possible. On your pedalboard, you should keep your cables straight and know which pedal is where for each time you play.

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