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Enhance Your Outfit With a Hermes Bracelet

When you have a special occasion or simply want to showcase your style, you can accessorize with a Hermes bracelet. The company makes a variety of pieces, many of which are listed on eBay in either new or pre-owned condition. You can find a great selection on eBay.

Fine Hermes bracelets for formal events

There is a large collection of fine Hermes jewelry that includes gold and silver bracelets. Examples of what you may be able to find on eBay may include:

  • Kelly Chaine bracelet: Made with yellow gold, this has a Kelly turn clasp and a circumference of 6.6 inches.
  • Ever Chaine D'Ancre bracelet: This bracelet is made out of rose gold and is inspired by anchor chains on ships. It has both a sporty and chic feel, and the polished links are twisted together to create a unique result.
  • Collier De Chien Rock Bracelet: Also made out of rose gold, this bracelet has a thin profile and is adorned with a large stud.
  • Alpha Kelly bracelet: This double bracelet is made out of sterling silver and features the classic Kelly clasp.
  • Confettis bracelet: Hermes used silver and rose gold to make this chain-style bracelet that also features small bits and buckles.
  • Galop Hermes bracelet: The horse is showcased in this silver bracelet. The twisted rope of silver grows in size and then blends into an elegant horse's head.
What types of Hermes H bracelets are there?

If you prefer the simple and streamlined look in your jewelry, you can consider getting a Hermes H bracelet. There are a few models of Hermes H bracelets, such as:

  • Clic H bracelet: This enamel bracelet has gold plated hardware and two sizes, both of which have a width of 0.47 inches. It comes in 14 different colors, including white, yellow, grey, black, orange, rose, and light green.
  • Clic Clac H bracelet: This is a similar version but with a width of 0.79 inch. It comes in 12 different colors, including different shades of orange, gray, and purple.
  • Reversible H enamel bangle: Width a width of 0.63 inch, it's made with a high-polish metal and has multiple "H"s around the bangle.
Are there men's Hermes bracelets on eBay?

You may come across new and pre-owned Hermes bracelets designed for men. The selection may include:

  • Paddock bracelet: The reversible bracelet is made out of calfskin and has palladium plated hardware. A slightly different version is the Paddock Double Tour Bracelet.
  • Clic HH bracelet: Made out of matte enamel with brushed palladium plated hardware, it has the H logo on the clasp.
  • Goliath bracelet: While made out of calfskin, it has a look similar to rope since the pieces are braided together. It's accented with palladium plated hardware.
  • Society bracelet: Looking like a belt buckle, this calfskin bracelet is reversible.