HO Scale Model Railroad Steam Locomotives

HO Scale Model Railroad Steam Locomotives

HO scale model railroad steam locomotives have been enjoyed for decades by many children and adults alike. One of the highlights of an HO model train is a model steam locomotive engine to run your Santa Fe, Ohio, or other classic railway lines. One part of the allure of the HO scale is that it is a model railroad choice accessible to kids and adults alike.

What does HO scale mean?

Considered to be a well-known railway scale for model trains and locomotives, the HO scale refers to a 1:87 scale. The H in HO scale refers to "half" of the O scale and it is used in many train and steam engine models.

What are some manufacturers of HO Scale model steam locomotives?

Listed are a few manufacturers of scale model steam locomotives.

  • Marklin: A well-established toy company from Germany, Marklin is known for their use of the third rail in their train tracks, helping to conceal the wiring.
  • Atlas Model Railroad: Another known toy manufacturer, Atlas Model Railroad is known for their line of toy steam engines and trains. One distinctive Atlas line of models is the "flex track".
  • Kato Precision Railroad Models: A Japanese manufacturer of model steam engines, Kato Precision Models are known for their Unitrack, which has a unique way of connecting pieces.
What are some railroads duplicated in model steam locomotives?
  • Southern Pacific: Southern Pacific was a class of steam locomotives that existed between 1865 to 1998. Collectors of steam engines may wish to look for their original 1940s Daylight engines and locomotives.
  • Union Pacific: The largest locomotive line in America, Union Pacific was founded in 1862. Collectors can look for the "Big Boy," one of the largest steam locomotives in existence.
  • New York Central: Founded in 1853, New York Central was one of the largest steam engine companies of its time. Toy collectors may keep their eyes out for their model Bachmann steam engine.
What surfaces can HO tracks be used on?

There are a number of surfaces that you can use your model railroad on. You could choose to lay your HO model railroad tracks on the floor, but burs on carpet could get in the way of your track connections. Lay down a piece of plywood or use a model railroad table for desirable results with your HO scale model railroad and its steam locomotives.