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Hasselblad 35 mm Medium Format Film Cameras

How to Select 35mm Medium-Format Film Cameras

A 35mm medium-format camera is a type of camera that takes medium-format still photos. This can also refer to SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, and those crafted by the quality brand Hasselblad have numerous features for beginning or advanced shutterbugs alike.

What Are Some Features of 35mm Cameras?

Do you enjoy taking photos but youre not sure what you want in a camera? There are a few noteworthy features to consider when youre looking for the right model of 35mm camera.

  • Cameras come with different types of focuses that include manual and automatic. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, as you may find automatic focusing more convenient, or you may prefer the hands-on adjustment of focusing manually as you look through the viewfinder.
  • When you enjoy using a variety of camera settings to vary the way your photos look, consider a medium-format camera with multiple custom settings, such as a panoramic setting that takes wide-view images of large landscapes or groups of people.
  • A model with filters that you can swap out can give your photos unique effects, such as lightening them, darkening them, or adding enhancements and effects to your still images.

How Do You Select a Camera?

You should not only consider the features that are important to you in a medium-format model, but you should think about a few other factors as well as you narrow down your options.

  • Pick a lens size. Lens sizes vary and depend on the focal length you desire, which is measured in millimeters. For instance, you can choose a 70mm lens, a 90mm lens, or one larger or smaller than that. The difference is that the lower the number, the wider the shot you can take.
  • Decide whether you just want the camera itself or whether you want a camera kit that comes with extras like 35mm film, filters, additional lenses or mounts, and a carrying case.
  • Choose the type of camera you prefer, such as an SLR, a DSLR, or a traditional still camera thats not digital.

Which Hasselblad Models Are Available?

After you learn more about what a medium-format device can offer you, you may want to know more about specific models and their features, such as shutter speed or full-frame shooting options.

  • The 500 EL/M model offers a single-lens reflex model with a motor drive and interchangeable lenses. It also features a V-system body and leaf-shutter lenses.
  • Check into the 501C model of 35mm camera, which includes a 60mm lens and the SLR design. In addition, it includes autofocus and a waist level finder.
  • The Flexbody model is a single-lens reflex camera with manual focus and interchangeable lenses that was released in 1995.

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