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Finding a Replacement Turntable Plate for Your Microwave

Replacing the glass turntable plate from your microwave oven is not always as simple as it seems. While they may all look alike, there are subtle differences in the bottom moldings of the glass that aim to fit on the rotating drives and support rings for different models. 

How Do I Know What Type of Plate I Need?

The type and size turntable tray you need will depend on the model of your Kenmore microwave. This company has been making electric microwave ovens since 1971, so there are a few out there! To find your model number:

  • Users Manual: If you have the Users Manual that came with the microwave originally, check this documentation for the model number.
  • On the Appliance: If you dont have any Operating Instructions, the model number of your microwave should appear on an affixed tag or plate. Sometimes this is on the rear of the unit, on the inside of the door, or inside the oven itself.
  • Listings: Sellers will usually list microwave plates and trays with the model number they correspond to, so you can search listings with it. 
  • Specific item or part numbers: Alternatively, use this number from your microwave oven to search the manufacturers website to find the specific item number of the microwave oven parts or tray type you need.

Can I Use a Plate from Another Model or Brand of the Same Size?

It is not often you will find a glass tray from one brand that fits another brand, even if they are the same outside diameter or the appliance has the same cubit foot (cu) measurement. Why?

  • The underside: The underneath of the plates have different shapes between models to fit over the turning mechanism and other supports or roller rings that balance the tray. 
  • The fit: When the glass plate does not fit properly on to the rotating mechanism, your turntable will not turn to cook and heat your food evenly.
  • Non-rotating models: For older microwave appliances that may not have the carousel feature, or other models that do not turn the plate, you may find that you can easily find a replacement plate of the same diameter from any other brand.
  • Type of Glass: It is important to use the clear glass plates that are specifically for microwave oven power levels. The type of glass aims to spread and absorb heat safely.

What Other Parts Accessories Can I Find?

Other parts and accessories you can find for Kenmore appliances and microwaves include replacement: 

  • Light bulbs;
  • Support wheels or trivets that balance the turntable tray; and
  • Racks and shelves for elevating and placing food.

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